GreenWise offers ideal study space

The Upstairs GreenWise Lounge area.

GreenWise Market is an experience to be had, complete with local artwork, marble
countertops and dark floors. GreenWise redefines the term grocery store with industrial
touches and leisure spaces.

As students progress through the school year, learning about some of Tallahassee's
hidden gems is essential. The Publix GreenWise Market on Gaines Street is ideal for
completing study hours.

Most study spaces known to FAMU students are on campus or in various coffee shops.
GreenWise provides an easy way for FAMU and FSU students to modify their learning
environment. Having a separate study place is essential since it sharpens the mind and
enhances focus.

Adefunmilola Haastrup, a business management major at Florida State University, takes
advantage of the GreenWise lounge area whenever she can.
” It is a really nice place for me to come and get some work done when I don’t want to go
to the library because I know its pretty packed or I don’t want to go to my apartment,”
Haastrup said. “I just have a nicer vibe here being able to bring my food back up here,
eat my food and have a nice common area to get my work done.”

Although the range of organic beverages, coffee or a pack of beers from GreenWise’s
drink station is said to be the highlight of this site, it is the leisure spaces. Take a seat in
the upper lounge area and enjoy your drink. Televisions, booths and tables occupy the
landscape. The large windows provide a pleasant view of College Town while the
sunshine and soft music offer an extra dose of energy. The outdoor lounge area is
equipped with electric fans to fight off the Florida heat.

Malik Hollands, a graphic design major at FAMU, describes the GreenWise lounge area
as a productive area to get work done despite the music in the lounge area.

“If you can zone out the noise, I think it could be a pretty productive work area,”
Hollands said. “If you’re the type of person who likes working in social areas, its great.”

Since the store is near two college campuses, the location of this GreenWise is
effective. This business is available to FSU and FAMU students who reside on campus
should take advantage of this amenity.

Caleb Binns, an assistant customer service store manager, says GreenWise market is
open and welcome to all. The lounge area has had a significant impact on the store, he

“It provides a good safe area for local students and people in general to enjoy the
space,” Binns said. “Whether it is for business meetings, studying, conference calls, or
things of that nature. Its a good place for clientele to sit back and relax. It also gives our
guests a chance to enjoy our product.”

Nobody can deny that studying is critical, especially as midterms quickly approach.
Peoples moods, attitudes, and job productivity levels vary depending on where they
are. GreenWise is simple to use and accessible to professors, staff and students.
GreenWise Market is located at 625 West Gaines St, and its hours are from 8 a.m. to 10
p.m. daily.