Rattler Countdown to Kickoff is underway

Set for Rattler Countdown to Kickoff. Photo courtesy: Hunter Walker

Students in the School of Journalism are bringing a new show to campus, Rattler Countdown to Kickoff. To put everything into perspective, all the people that watch Famu News 20 for the updates on FAMU football, this is especially for you. In this show, students will be reporting and bringing awareness to what we see on the football field as well as behind the scenes during their practices.

The idea for the show came about this summer of 2022, by Edward Thomas and Spencer Henderson, the masterminds behind Famu News 20.

“Rattler Countdown to Kickoff started this summer when I started going out to the fall camp, just recording some of the video and me and Mr. Thomas wanted to kind of make a show out of it,” said Henderson.

During these shows, you can expect unlimited raw footage as far as coach and player interviews, game recaps and more. As Henderson say, these segments will not be timed, but more so an assortment of entertainment and information on what’s to come each week. This would be a more in-depth look to what is broadcasted in the school newscast for all the Rattler sports fans.

After six weeks of collecting and producing, Henderson says he’s passing the show onto the students. Giving all of the student body a chance to “team up” and make their own show is the vision. As well as, allowing the audience to feel involved and connect with every story that’s broadcasted.

“Breche’ is going to be one of our main anchors and reporters, and everybody is going to have a different roll,” Henderson says.

Maya Ellison, reporter for the Rattler countdown to kickoff, says that her main job is to tell the story and allow players to tell their own as well.

“I think our job is more of a PR stand for the team as in let’s not put a negative light towards them, the football team, the basketball team, whatever we’re going to do, because that’s already happening in the university. This is considered a safe space, but also a fun thing to watch, because we’re all having fun. We want the players to feel the same way” says Ellison.

Rattler Countdown to Kickoff is the perfect way for students, who mainly have an interest in sports but overall, just want to get some experience within the field of reporting and writing. Meetings for the show are held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. in studio B at the School of Journalism building on campus. They are always looking for new additions to the show, so if this fits your interest feel free to join the team!