Local trainer caters to college students

Terry Lewis enjoying what he loves while promoting his business. Photo courtesy: Lewis

When students enter college, oftentimes the last thing on their mind is adopting a healthy lifestyle.

But there may be a remedy close by — a person who has taken it upon himself to instill a healthy lifestyle in Tallahassee’s college students.

A native of nearby Bainbridge, Ga., Terry Lewis always lived a healthy lifestyle while growing up. He was always involved in numerous sports, and his parents made sure he had a healthy meal every day.

After returning to the Tallahassee area after playing college football in California, he was inspired to help college students live a healthy lifestyle.

His inspiration also came from his mother, who suffers from neuropathy in her legs. It’s a type of nerve damage that makes it difficult to walk. This disorder was caused by overdoing it while working out and trying to lose too much weight too fast.

“The idea to start a workout business just came to me out of the blue,” Lewis said. “My mom’s condition was on my mind heavy one day while I was running through campus, and that same day a couple students asked me about training them.”

That is when Lewis had the idea of starting his own business. That same day he went home and started brainstorming.

First things first, he needed a name. Lewis already had a name for a potential advertising business that he wanted to start, but he decided to transfer that name to his new love, his fitness business.

The name ADITUP is a play on words that Lewis produced, and thought it was perfect with the business.

With Lewis wanting to dedicate his business around the FAMU community, he located his business just two miles from campus.

“I’ve been working out with Terry for about two months now and can tell a huge difference in my body and everyday performance,” said John Robinson, an ADITUP client and a FAMU student.

Lewis is offering discounts to students at all colleges and universities in the capital city. His deal consists of three days a week, for one hour each, for $60 a month. Students just have to show their student ID to qualify for the deal.

“ADITUP isn’t like these high-priced franchises gyms that will take your money and leave you with little results,” Lewis said.

Lewis is also offering deals to the community. He will provide one on one training for $60 biweekly memberships to the surrounding areas, as well as to students if they would like to continue their journey after the first month. He also offers workout clothing for women and said the clothing line for men will be available soon.

“I’ve been working with Terry for a while now. He makes everyone feel comfortable and lets each person move at their own pace,” said Dominique Robinson, an ADITUP client.

Lewis has a five-year plan to travel across the United States to train people, including celebrities and professional athletes. He wants to host workout workshops throughout Florida.

Lewis’ ultimate goal is to build and run his own gym in the North Florida/South Georgia area, while still catering to individuals across the county.

Lewis can be reached for business, via Instagram, @ad.Itup, or Facebook, AD- ITUP Lewis.

“I just want each person to reach their fitness goal, without being robbed and at their own pace,” Lewis said. “As long as my client’s goals are met, my goals are met.”