Center helps students find jobs

Bill Means, director of the Career and Professional Developoment Center. Photo courtesy:

Many students are employed at the same time they are enrolled in school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Some students participate in their school’s work-study opportunities so that they can have a more efficient school and work life balance.

Florida A&M University, has a Career and Professional Development Center that provides help for students who need guidance on fixing their resume, seeking an internship or a job. It also provides appointments for students who need their professional headshots taken.

Bill Means, director of the center says he enjoys his job because it is a good feeling seeing students of color be successful.

“We’re moving in the direction where were trying to keep up with the busy students and meet them where they are,” Means said.

They have a program called “Don’t Cancel That Class” where a career specialist and employers do workshops similar to a job fair during the students’ class time per the instructor’s request.

During the academic school year of 2021-2022 CPDC posted 129,000 jobs on Handshake and 16,000 FAMU students have applied, according to Means.

Even with FAMU providing resources for students who need help with finding a job, students run into issues with the hours that job is wanting them to work and also the pay rate that the jobs are offering.

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Jamya Barber, a pre-med student at FAMU, says it’s almost impossible for her to have a good paying job as a full-time student.

“It’s like I want to finish what I started but I also have to think about my personal needs as well like rent and my car note, just other real-life bills that come my way,” Barber said.

Barber has a full-time job and is taking only six credit hours during the fall semester. She hopes that during the spring semester she can continue her job and be a full-time student by taking most of her classes online and attending her labs in the evening when she gets off work.

Kimmie Cunningham, a student at FSU working toward her master’s in criminology, is a full-time student and does not work but needs a job.

“I’ve been struggling with finding a job that works around my school schedule, I’m currently living off of my financial aid,” Cunningham said.

The main jobs that can accommodate a student’s school schedule are fast food restaurants, but the pay is not enough for most students.

For more help with jobs and internships, visit the FAMU Career and Professional Development Center.