Students yearn for Wandering Chef

The Wandering Chef food truck. Photo courtesy: Metz

The Wandering Chef food truck was a beloved staple of the FAMU community, and its absence is felt around the campus.

The Wandering Chef arrived on campus in October 2016 and was a great food spot for students and faculty for three years, until it closed due to the pandemic.

The food truck was under the supervision of Metz Culinary Management, an on-campus food vendor that brings students to food places such as Pizza Express or food selections at the top cafe.

Kyle Johnson, chef at the Wandering Chef food truck, said he loved his job and the Metz food program.

“My favorite part was getting paid and the people I saw every day,” Johnson said.

Now, with the Wandering Chef food truck no longer available, students and faculty are left with less tasty options and fewer choices.

Javar Coleman, a fourth-year business administration major from Lansing, Michigan, said that the Wandering Chef’s absence affected his eating choices on campus. The food truck was the most reliably tasty food option on campus,” Coleman said.

“The Wandering Chef’s absence affects my eating choices on campus,” he added. “The food truck would suit my off-campus lifestyle more than the other options. My first year at FAMU was filled with many experiences, and the Wandering Chef food truck was one of them. The food truck was the most reliably tasty food option on campus.”

Brianne Hill, a fourth-year computer information systems major from Detroit who also plays softball, said the Wandering Chef was convenient and fast between class and practice when she couldn’t leave campus.

“I had a pretty good experience ordering from the Wandering Chef,” Hill said. “Their food reminded me of Foote Hilyer’s food, slightly better than the top cafe. I enjoyed the concept of the Wandering Chef as it was a cafe on wheels, but with its competition, such as Wingstop or Tropical Smoothie, it was bound not to be able to keep up with its competition.”

The Wandering Chef food truck offered a variety of selections such as burgers, Philly cheese steaks, chicken tenders, fries and more. It was known for its quick and tasty food in between classes or on your way home.

Although the Wandering Chef is gone, it is truly missed by students and faculty. Hopefully Metz can one day bring this tasty and well-sought-out food truck back.