Some students want FAMU PD to be more visible

FAMU PD headquarters. Photo courtesy: Alexis Thornton

Some students at Florida A&M are concerned because they aren’t seeing members of the FAMU Police Department on campus as often as they would like.

There are numerous signs on campus about FAMU Rattler Watch, which is a live video surveillance system monitoring the campus around the clock. It is supervised by the Department of Campus Safety and Security.

But some students say that is not enough.

“I think we should definitely have more interactions with the FAMU Police Department,” said Jireh Jones, a student at FAMU. “I don’t necessarily see them around a lot, unless it is parking enforcement.”

“I think they should increase their presence on campus just to make sure that we do know they’re here and we can feel safe and not have to feel like we have to constantly look over our shoulders,” Jones added.

Some students would like to see more cameras around campus, mainly in the parking garage, as well as more cameras in the hallways.

“I feel like they need more workshops on how to go about their training and how they go out here because they just be in their car all day and I hate that when they give out tickets, especially for parking, I never understood what is so bad about backing in parking,” Jada Harrison said. “I didn’t ever see a sign for no backing in parking until an employee on campus told me exactly where it was, which I eventually found, but it was so small it would be hard for anyone to notice or pay attention to. With that being said I feel like they should make bigger signs when it comes to those kinds of rules and have them posted big at every single parking garage and lot because I received a ticket because of that.”

The FAMU PD said it is working to fulfill the students’ needs, according to Police Chief Terrence Callaway.

“I think crime is trending all over the world, with that said, the FAMU PD has increased officer visibility. We have increased cameras on campus as well. We have mutual aid agreements with the county and city police,” Callaway said in an email. “As always, we are asking students, faculty and staff to be aware of their surroundings and be prepared if they see something to please say something.

“We have already begun to implement the security changes on campus.” Callaway added.