FAMgala to debut

Photo courtesy: @thefamgala on Instagram

As the fall semester rolls in, Rattlers prepare to present Florida A&M University’s first FAMgala.

Inspired by the annual fundraising fashion event the Met Gala, the FAMgala is an
upscale event complete with a red-carpet show, a runway, awards and special
performances. This event is set to take place on Saturday, Sept. 17 at The Moon, a
local nightclub, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

With any high-class event comes a dress code, and as for the FAMgala, it has been
advertised as “haute couture.” This is described as anything “bold, unique, and elegant”
that should “showcase the different aspects of Black royalty in the most glamorous ways
possible,” as stated on the FAMgala Instagram page, @thefamgala.

As a pre-show to the gala, there will be a red-carpet show hosted by FAMU students
Kayla Delcham, Mia Diamond and alum Kaleb Levarity. This is where students can
show off the looks they’ve worked so hard to create for this luxurious affair. Also, during
the gala, the Hillboard Awards will take place. Categories include Mister and Miss
FAMgala, student entrepreneur of the year and student organization of the year to
which FAMU students nominated and later voted on.

Chair of this event, Christian Aristilde, is a very fashion forward individual, decided to
create this event to highlight just that — fashion.

“I wanted to make this event happen because I wanted to do something big and
different that involves fashion,” Aristilde said. “FAMU is big on fashion and sometimes
we don’t even realize how fashionable our school is.”

Aristilde shared that the pandemic also played a role in the creation of this event.

“My class didn’t have a prom, and now we have a chance to do something bigger and
beyond prom,” Aristilde said. “Everyone always said to let prom go, and we did. Now we
have the FAMgala.”

Although Aristilde struggled with people not being able to see his vision behind the
event, this was nothing new to him. As with any event Aristilde creates, he knew there
would be obstacles to overcome. Regardless, Aristilde made it happen and looks
forward to what’s to come from it.

“I am excited to see the turn out and to see everyone in their best self,” Aristilde said. “I
want people to remember this event as a once in a lifetime type of event.”

Sha’Riauna Campbell, one of the faces of this event who is featured in many of the
FAMgala graphics, also shared what she was most excited about for this event.

“I cannot wait to see all my friends at the FAMgala all dressed up,” Campbell said. “We
have spent the past few weeks looking for our outfit or ordering custom designs so I’m
excited to see everyone in their best dressed enjoying a festive night out together.”

Campbell also shared what kind of impression she wants people to leave with after
attending this event.

“I sincerely hope attendees of this event take away a very special and memorable
moment,” Campbell said. “I hope that they all look and feel their best while they enjoy a
sophisticated event with good refreshments and great music.”

Tickets to the FAMgala are on sale now and can be purchased through the link in the
bio of @thefamgala on Instagram.