Seniors got the best of both worlds

Photo courtesy: @rattlersunited via Instagram

Disney star Hannah Montana isn’t the only one who has lived the best of both worlds. Florida A&M University’s class of 2023 has some experience as well.

The senior class is the last class to truly get a taste of college before the covid-19 pandemic and the aftermath, returning back to campus. While some students preferred the leisure of ‘Zoom University,’ many could not imagine their senior year anywhere else but in person on campus. 

Every student has a different experience on campus, but many can agree it is often a good atmosphere. As graduation approaches, students must consider their future endeavors, aspirations and hopes for their last year on the hill as undergraduates.

Timothy Potter, a graphic design scholar at FAMU, is focusing on passing all of his classes.

“I lost my mind for one whole year, and then once I returned, it felt new to me. I prefer being face-to-face back on campus,” Potter said.

While some seniors are sad in the face of their last year, others countdown the days until they walk across that stage. Everyone may not be graduating in the same semester, but it is evident that graduation day will be one to remember. 

Nia Williams, a theater performance scholar at FAMU, expresses her feelings towards the University.

“I just want to get out of FAMU. I love this school, but I’m ready to be a grown-up,” Williams said. “I was excited to experience FAMU pre-covid, but at least it’s opened up now.”

As college during Covid is now a distant memory for most, students are thrilled for a sense of normalcy. 

From freshman to senior year, they can now join the ranks of the classes that came before them as the upcoming graduating class. Four years of dedication, joining organizations, working in their field and stepping out of comfort zones will slowly come to an end as seniors prepare for the next phase of their lives. 

As early as this fall, students will assume alumnus status.

Herbert Cherfrere, a business administration scholar, says he is eager to graduate and begin his career journey. 

“One thing I learned from freshman to senior year is to be a winner in this life, you gotta have self-discipline and control. You gotta be furious about your life because no one is going to take it as seriously as you do,” Cherfrere said.

FAMU has given students a look into the past, present, and hopes for an encompassing future. As FAMU 23’ continues to ascend over the highest of seven hills, this year will be another for the books.