Coach Pye keeps rec center running smoothly

Coach Pye is often in the center of things. Photo by Richanna Johnson

Coach Wayne Pye is Florida A&M University’s coordinator of intramural sports at the recreational center. Communication is key for this large department to run like a well-oiled machine.

Known to many as “Coach Pye,” he not only supports his team with feedback and career advice that will ensure their success in any environment, but he cares about and tries to uplift each individual he encounters.

Pye is actually a FAMU alum and graduated with a degree in physical education followed by a master’s in sports management. Pye says he knew wanted a career in sports.  “Since I graduated with a master’s in sports management, sports just came naturally to me,” he said.

Pye spends his time coordinating and scheduling activities as well as sports that are not competitive in nature but rather recreational such as fishing. He also orchestrates trips outside of Leon County for outdoor activities such as skiing, cruises and white water rafting. He also overlooks activities and clubs that reside in the Hansel Tookes Student Recreation Center.

Pye believes in empowering his employees and interns to be their best selves at all times. Pye currently works with six interns from SBI who are majoring in sports management. Pye said he uses this opportunity to serve as a role model for his staff but also as a father figure.

​Richanna Johnson, a third-year journalism student who has worked under Pye, said  he is empathetic to what she has going on in her life and not just the work she has to complete.

“Coach Pye actually checks on us and wants us to better ourselves for the future not just for right now,” she said. “He is the best boss I think I have ever had.”

Pye says he is  working with his interns and staff to help him advertise the many things the rec has to offer. He uses his interns the most to make flyers and posts on Instagram to spread the word about what’s coming up in the rec.

Pye has been working at the rec center for almost five years. He said he plans on celebrating his Augus work anniversary with his wife of 38 yers and three children.