A final Set Friday beckons

Photo courtesy: rattlersunited Instagram page

The final Set Friday of the semester will be held this Friday at the Will Packer Performing Arts Amphitheater. This is also the university’s annual day of giving. Rattlers are expected to show their pride by repping their organization, dressing in orange and green, and giving back to the FAMUly.

As the space is sure to be filled with a plethora of vibrant colors and letters, photo documentation of such an occasion is a must. Instagram accounts such as “RattlersUnited” are guaranteed to highlight and showcase pictures and videos of students enjoying this last Set Friday.

Rattlers are a key component in the success of Set Friday and their opinions of this year seem to vary between classifications. As the end of the month comes to an end, students shared their attitudes about whether they’re sad or excited to say goodbye to the final set of the semester.

Danielle Boyd, a junior graphic design major, said, “Honestly I’m excited to see set at the amphitheater go.”

“I boycotted going to the new set a long time ago, because it’s just not the same at all. Hopefully next semester they go back to the original set,” Boyd said.

Many older students are unfazed by this upcoming Set Friday despite its new location in the amphitheater. Some things are different from the traditional Set Friday many students once knew and possibly changes can be made for the upcoming semesters.

While hopeful that Set Friday makes a full comeback next semester, there are some additions students would like to see in order to have a better experience. Foremost is moving the location of the event back to its traditional place.

Imani Johnson, a sophomore psychology major, said, “I would like to see more food trucks and longer hours and maybe for it to be inside somewhere.”

Being that changes were made in order for Set Fridays to comeback this semester, hopefully more changes can be made so the majority of the student population on campus feels like their voices are heard. With this in mind, elected officials in Student Government Association and FAMU President Larry Robinson might take these frustrations and wishes into account for next semester.

Despite these stipulations, Set Friday has always been the place where students show up in their best fashionable outfits. This Friday’s theme gives a range for students and how they will dress themselves for the occasion.

Giahni Bosquet, a philosophy and fine arts student, said, “I am wearing Voices Poetry Group’s shirt this Set Friday to rep my org.”

As different majors, organizations, and clubs gather for one last hoo’rah of the semester, memories will be made to cherish forever. This Friday’s set will allow students the space to unwind and have fun before finals and graduation week.