Attorney Amber Hall changing lives one case at a time

Attorney Amber Hall. Photo courtesy: Don Hayes Creative Photography

Attorney Amber Hall is no stranger to success, and she credits her success to having self-confidence and an open mind. She encourages aspiring Black attorneys to do the same.

Hall, a Tallahassee native, is has her own personal injury attorney and entrepreneur with a state-wide practice based in her hometown. She says being a business owner has always been her plan, but she never knew that business would be in the form of having her own law practice.

After being recruited to play basketball on a scholarship at Virginia Tech, Hall majored in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship, technology and innovation with a minor in business leadership. Given her heavy business concentration during her undergraduate tenure, she was sure that her following step would be to obtain her master’s degree in business management. That was until her father urged her to go to law school.

“My dad encouraged me to go to law school to just differentiate my background and to gain some more skill-sets,” Hall said.

At first resistant to the idea, she finally made the decision to take the Law School Admission Test and she would go on to be accepted into the University of Florida for law school. The rest is history.

It is a good thing she did because the legal profession could always use more Black representation. According to the American Bar Association, roughly 4.7% of all lawyers are Black.

Hall’s first job out of law school was working at a nationally known personal injury law firm in Atlanta. Though she had no prior knowledge of personal injury law, she loved it and credits the experience for helping her dive into the world of personal injury.

“I knew nothing about it, I went in with an open mind and I really began to kind of hold my own in it,” she said. “I was working on very large cases, very early on in the game. I was going up against some of the best attorneys who have been doing it for many years. That forced me to level up and step up my game early.”

For Hall, personal injury law gives her the opportunity to champion for those who may not otherwise have a voice.

“I like fighting for what’s right,” she said. “I believe that we’re on the side of right and clients call us when they’re in distress, they need assistance, things are not going very well, they’re injured due to someone else’s fault or wrongdoing, so we try to make the wrong right.”

In the quest of fighting for what’s right, a lot of times that means being the underdog. Hall brands herself as a “go-getter,” so she is always up for the challenge.

“We go against a lot of the big insurance companies so it’s like David versus Goliath and I really like that because I mean we know how that story ended,” Hall said.

Hall’s strong advocacy for her clients and welcoming aura never goes unnoticed in her office. According to her case manager, Edea Bailey, and legal assistant Victoria Johnson, it is quite refreshing to see.

“Just to maintain an air of honest and sincere positivity it’s some of the best form of leadership,” Bailey said.

“I think regardless of the situation the client is in or what kind of case they have, regardless of anything she’s always compassionate and I think she meets everyone with love,” Johnson said.