Skateable Art Park nears completion

Blackburn, Douglas S.
10:34 AM (59 minutes ago)
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The Skateable Art Park on FAMU Way. Photo by Destiny Jackson.

A ceremony was held last October to mark the start of construction for the Skateable Art Park.

Adjacent to Cascades Trail, the new skate park will be located on the northeast corner of FAMU Way.

The park will include the longest skate run in the state of Florida, according to city officials. A 200-foot snake run resembling the Florida A&M rattler, a bowling course and a quarter-pipe experience with street-scaping features — along with structures of the Korean War Memorial, similar to that in Cascade Park, are all part of the design.

“The activity of skateboarding kept me entertained, as opposed to getting in trouble like other kids,” advocate and planner for the Skateable Art Park, Orlando Vasquez, said. “The idea to incorporate some of the most legendary spots in Tallahassee will only get kids from places they aren’t wanted to actually utilize the new park.”

The Skateable Art Park will be the second skate facility in the city. Mike Blankenship Skate Park on Jackson Bluff at Appleyard Drive has been the only park accessible since the early 2000s.

As one of 32 projects undergoing construction, the Skateable Art Park is projected to beautify and add improvement to the south side of Tallahassee. Skate park experts of Team Pain Enterprises have had complete control of the project. The team of accomplished skateboarders is known to produce high quality, cutting-edge, custom concrete skate parks.

Team Pain has built over 250 skate structures and skate parks worldwide. The implementation of the new amenity will provide a diversity of experiences for students at both universities and Tallahassee residents.

As a long term Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency project, the agency has been coming to terms with perfecting techniques and methods alongside Team Pain.

Susan Tanksi, the project manager for Blueprint, believes the Skateable Art Park will be a regional draw.

“I think the Skateable Art Park will serve many of the local youth,” Tanksi said. “There will be people coming from all over the state to use the facility whether it be for competitions, meetings, etc. I think it’s going to be such a great amenity. We’ve had feedback from people outside of the community that are beyond anxious to use the park. It’ll be a nice safe place for all users, as we encourage everyone to come out.”

The Skateable Art Park was originally scheduled to be completed in fall 2021. With unexpected alterations, Tanksi said the park is expected to open in June.