Meet Ms. 1890 Land Grant

FAMU student Imani Durant. Photo courtesy: Durant

Imani Durant is a multi-faceted student.

Navigating her life as a third-year transfer student at Florida A&M University, she can be very busy.

Most recently, in the fall semester, Durant became the Ms. 1890 Land Grant for the College of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

This was Durant’s first pageant, and she was both excited and nervous. She learned a lot and even became friends with her competitors.

“I learned different rules, such as how to have your posture and how elegant you should be,” Durant said.

She found the pageant to be challenging as well, but she had a good experience. She paid for everything out of her own pocket and was shocked when she heard the results that she had won.

In addition to her shock, she was also sad because she didn’t have many people supporting her or friends that could come watch. After winning, she wanted to figure out ways that she could help CAFS and its students.

“I tried my best to put out things for students, made sure to give pre-vet students more, and tried to have more club events for students to meet,” Durant said.

As Ms. 1890 Land Grant, Durant is a leader, the face of CAFS who recruits students, sets up events and talks to veterinarian companies.

In addition to her Ms. 1890 duties, Durant also has to juggle school, work, an internship, running a small business and being an active student on campus. Her schedule is busy and hectic.

“I usually start my day around 8 o’clock and end at around 11,” Durant said.

Her days are filled with going to class, grabbing food, doing homework, going to her internship, working at the Residence Dining Hall, and attending club meetings. As a veterinarian technician major, Durant has a passion for animals. Her love for animals stems from her childhood.

“Growing up, I didn’t really talk or speak,” she said. “So, the doctor advised that my grandma get a dog for the family so that I can learn how to speak. We had a dog named Princess and I used to just talk to her and spill out my emotions.”

Realizing that Princess and other animals didn’t have their own voice, Durant picked her major to be a voice for all animals. With her background, Durant decided to join the FAMU Vet Tech club, where she now sits as vice president. Some of Durant’s responsibilities as VP include being a leader, finding events, and giving advice to club members. Next year, Durant will become president of the club. She has plans for what she would like to do. She hopes to continue to be active and have the club be more connected to companies in the animal industry. She is also planning more trips.

“I’m thinking about getting the club to go to Las Vegas for a vet tech conference,” Durant said.

Magdalie Mexile, a senior veterinarian technician major and the secretary for the club, said she’s excited for what Durant has planned regarding the future of the club.

“As president she’s only going to continue to do more next year. I’m most excited to see what trips the club gets to go on,” Mexile said.

Norman Scarbrough, who is the adviser to the club and a senior veterinarian lab technician, thinks that Durant is a good leader.

“Ms. Durant is a faithful, hardworking, loyal and a thoughtful leader. She is very active in her academic activities and presses forward to do the best she can in all she sets her hands to,” Scarbrough said.

He also thinks that she’s passionate, cares a lot about her classmates and has a big heart.

In addition to being a leader and vice president for the Vet Tech club, Durant is in Big Sister Little Sister and the Texas club. She’s active in those clubs as well, and with the spring semester ending, her current goals are to pass her classes, make sure that she will graduate on time, learn how to be financially literate, and continue to be active. She also has a goal of growing her own business.

She wants to sell homemade nose cuffs, lashes and 4/20 items, Durant’s Goddess Jewels is a place where students can find things that they wouldn’t find at their local beauty supply store or salon. Durant started Goddess Jewels last year and has been actively selling her products since February of this year. She plans to promote her business more and increase her follower count on Instagram.

After Durant graduates from FAMU, she plans to get a job working with wildlife animals