She has the ‘Wright’ stuff

Photo of Myne Mane Clothing Brand, photo courtesy of Mya Wright’s Instagram @myne_mane.

In the middle of the night or right after you finish a big assignment and want to treat yourself to just the right snack, there is one place that comes to mind: The Mane Dollar, also known as “Mya’s,” in Pokinghorn Village East.
The menu ranges from Arizona teas to Cheetos, Snickers Bundt cakes and more.

Mya Wright’s business endeavors don’t just stop at snacks. As a dual-enrolled junior at Florida A&M University’s School of Business and Industry and the University of Miami design program, Wright also has a clothing brand, Myne Mane.

Wright’s start to being a student-entrepreneur began while she was in high school.
“I always dressed differently. When I started getting compliments on what I was wearing, I began selling,” she said.

It wasn’t just the compliments. Wright said representing herself through art and having a passion for it was another reason why she became an entrepreneur.

Balancing two majors, her social life and her businesses gets overwhelming and can affect her daily life. To keep her days in order Wright said, “I have a must-follow routine every morning and night to stay on point with a task.”

These tasks involve meditating, exercising, showering, eating and waking up. Wright also plans her week out on the weekends to keep track of goals for the week.

Although Wright has routines to keep order, she also faces challenges.

“Sometimes mandatory meetings are scheduled at the same time, and I have to be in two places at once. It is important that I have the right habits in place because it is easy to get caught up and not sleep or eat trying to do everything,” she said.

Being motivated by people such as Virgil Abloh and Daymond John. Wright also faces the challenge of balancing her social life with her drive. Wright said, “I sit at the computer for hours planning and not talking to anyone. It’s not that I don’t want to hang out. Sometimes I am just too stuck in the zone or I can’t because I have assignments or a meeting to prepare for.”

Wright is driven by her passion. She explains, “My passion keeps me up at night. It takes me like 35-40 minutes to fall asleep at night because I’m thinking of new ideas.”

Wright’s hard work does not go unnoticed. Second-year, criminal justice major Jeffery Allen is a frequent customer of Wright’s.
“She is a businesswoman who is persistent and is always looking for ways to improve,” Allen said.

Devin Nobles, a second-year engineering major and someone who has worked beside Wright by modeling clothes from her brand, said, “She’s inspired me to take control of my dreams and to execute them. Seeing her take off with her brand is really amazing and made me get serious with my photography.”

Nobles also describes Wright as impulsive, the good kind.

“When she sees an opportunity to connect with someone or to have fun she doesn’t stop and overthink herself out of doing it, she just does it and enjoys the moments she creates,” he said.

Wright’s goal for her clothing brand is to change streetwear as we know it. She also wants to support youth who create art underground, specifically graffiti artists. Another future goal for the brand is to design tech hubs in major cities that employ youth in the area. For them to design their own creations based on a representation of their area.

“An example of this would be, a Chicago kid designing a hoodie that is symbolic of the city,” Wright said.

Outside of being her own boss. Wright watches anime, hangs out with a couple of friends and likes participating in self-care.

You can shop with Wright through her website and follow her Instagram account at Myne_mane.

Photo of Mya Wright, photo courtesy of Joe Chahwan.