Maloy the man behind Sneauxball

Local entrepreneur Jarrett Maloy. Photo courtesy Maloy.

Jarrett Maloy, a former Division 1 student-athlete, has grown into a successful businessman by transforming what was once a hobby to fundraise for youth development into a local must-try dessert spot.

Maloy’s father played baseball at Florida State University, so naturally he developed a love and talent for the sport. After high school, the Tallahassee native earned a baseball scholarship to attend Southern University in Baton Rouge. During his college career, Maloy was introduced to the dessert that launched his entrepreneurship.

“I grew up in a French-influenced neighborhood, but I learned about snowballs at school,” Maloy said. “I was always around the French culture; I just didn’t know until it came full circle.”

After graduating, Maloy re-evaluated what he wanted to do in life. Knowing he wanted to help other athletes reach their professional goals, he started a youth development program. To help with program costs, Maloy sat outside fundraising.

“I thought about what I was good at and my passions and that was working with kids and sports,” Maloy said. “I knew all businesses needed money to start so I bought a cheap machine with some syrups and went to an apartment complex to sell snowballs for a few dollars.”

Today, Maloy continues to maintain Sneauxball’s success, but it has been an unpredictable journey that he began on a whim. That day eight years ago, when there was a small rush of about ten customers, the manager offered Maloy a business deal that changed the course of his career.

“He asked me do I cater, and I was like I don’t know what he saw but I said yes anyways,” Maloy said. “I had no idea what catering entailed but sometimes you just have to say yes because you never know where it will lead you. That was the beginning of Sneauxball.”

Sneauxball features the Louisiana confection, which despite the similarities, is different from your average snow cone. The elaborate dessert is made up of specific ice and many cane sugar syrup flavors. For an extra sweet addition, his snowballs are stuffed with cheesecake filling or ice cream.

Savannah Hannon, a Florida State University junior, said the unprecedented dessert shop and Maloy’s hospitality keep customers returning.

“I had never heard of this dessert but once I tried Sneauxball, I was hooked,” Hannon said. “You can really tell the owner values customer service and going makes my day.”

Lailah Hall, a Florida A&M University agri-business student, said she is inspired by Maloy’s outlook on life and as a business owner.

“I follow the business page on Instagram, and I appreciate how he not only gives us insight about the business, but he also encourages us to remain positive and grateful,” Hall said.

Maloy can be found at one of the two Sneauxball locations Monday-Saturday from 1 to 7 p.m.