Graphics students win ADDY awards

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock

The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication students and instructors took home a total of 26 American Advertising Awards after an outstanding competition.

Mira Lowe, the dean of SJGC was super proud of the team work that was demonstrated during the entire process.

“Congratulations Professor Gill and team for this important collaborative work,” Mira Lowe, SGJC’s dean, said in a statement. “The imagery and the messaging are powerful. Thank you for giving visibility and voice to our diversity.”

Oftentimes graphic design students feel as though they do not get the recognition they deserve for their hard work. Many say they also feel overlooked in the department. From senior graphic student Kah’Milah Ledgester, appearing in a Target commercial showcasing her work for their 2022 Black History Collection to now, celebrating this remarkable milestone with the ADDY awards, these students should be proud to pave the way for others in the future.

Jaylan Rawlings, senior graphic design winner of a silver and a gold award, says this is just the beginning of her journey.

“I participated because it was encouraged by our professor, but once I found out that I had won I immediately thought about how this would enhance my brand and show potential clients that I am something serious,” Rawlings said.

Briana Yewell, winner of two silver awards, says that the process was not easy but the SJGC staff prioritize their students and make them feel equally important.

“I’m very grateful that I have the skills and tools to be successful,” Yewell said. “Even with the lack of professors in our department, that has never stopped me from being successful in everything I’m involved in.”

There is more behind these works of art that people may not realize at first glance. FAMU senior and winner of two silver awards, Brittney George, described the creative process when working on the award winning projects.

“My main thought was to make something impactful,” George said. “I created a Luca poster to bring awareness to pollution. It was my first time I dabbled into creating something that had a meaningful and real life message behind it, so having that be a winner was an incredible feeling.”

Nadia B. Tsegga, won three gold awards and says her projects are a reflection of what she aspires to work on and contribute to in the future. Tsegga also shouted out the team that helped throughout this journey.

“Professor Gill regularly communicates  professional opportunities for me and my peers to showcase our designs. It is because of him, and the U.Design student club that ultimately gave me a voice at J-school,” Tsegga said.

The FAMUly congratulates all winners on their creativity and is excited to see what the future holds for the students of graphic communication.

Full list of FAMU SJGC Winners – Click here to view all the winning designs.

– Jalonda Martinez – 3 Awards

– Janece Martial – 3 Awards

– Nadia B. Tsegga – 3 Awards

– Travon M. Mincey- 3 Awards

– Ahmad Ragland- 3 Awards

– Briana Yewell – 2 Awards

– Rabi Elabor – 2 Awards

– Osayiuwamen Omoregbee – 2 Awards

– Jaylan Rawlings – 2 Awards

– Brittney George – 2 Awards