A great day to ‘Be Out’

FAMU students enjoying Be Out Day. Photo courtesy: Tianie Howard

Florida A&M University (FAMU) held its annual Be Out Day and had a large turnout with people coming in from all over to unite in rattler pride.

Be Out Day was held in the field across from Bragg Stadium beginning at 12:30p.m. Families, prospective students, current students, alumni and the Tallahassee community came out to enjoy the 30th Anniversary of Be Out Day.

There were live music performances by student artists and music facilitated by DJ Loosekid. The crowd was interactive and supportive of their fellow student performers. There were also bounce houses for children at the event.

Niya Baskett, a second-year business administration student, said that her favorite part of the event was the food.

“I love the food for sure,” Baskett said. “They have ribs, chicken, hot dogs, good soul food and of course the music and dancing.”

The lively crowd of attendees immersed themselves in the upbeat and unique culture that is FAMU.

Jasmine Patrick, a first-year graphic design student, said that her favorite part of Be Out Day was the music.

“The DJ always kills it,” Patrick said. “Every time I come out I two-step and do my thing.”

Owner of Garb.age, Jordan Smith, at his vendor location at Be Out Day. Photo courtesy: Tianie Howard

There were a variety of vendors with food, clothing and accessories. Irie Ice, Regions Bank, Scented Melodies, and Garb.age Vintage Co. are just some of several vendors that gained support from attendees today.

Jordan Smith, a junior business administration student and owner of Garb.age Vintage Co., was impressed with the turnout after COVID-19 disrupted the organic connections that students have with each other.

“Be Out Day is great,” Smith said. “I’ve been at FAMU since 2017 and this is actually my first Be Out Day, so I’m enjoying the vibes.”

Traditionally, Be Out Day is a time for highschoolers and attendees that have interest in attending FAMU to get a taste of the rattler experience.

Charlotte Merritt, president of the FAMU National Alumni Association for the Gulf Coast chapter in Mobile, Alabama, says she is grateful that she had the opportunity of bringing her 11th grade godson to get the FAMU experience.

“I’m enjoying Be Out Day,” Merritt said. “Be Out Day is like family. That’s what FAMU is all about to me.”