E-scooters continue to be popular in Tallahassee

E-scooters ready to be rented near the round-about on FAMU Way and Railroad Avenue. Photo courtesy: Destiny Jackson

Electric scooters are piling up around Tallahassee, as the newest trend in transportation continues to appeal to college students and others.

Electric scooters allow students to glide from one place to another with convenience and ease.

The city initiated three-month pilot program in 2019. There are nearly 1,000 scooters available from companies including Bird and Lime – the two most popular brands locally. Their scooters were brought into the city to introduce the new innovation to the capital.

Most local scooter companies charge about 15 cents per minute rental rate, plus an unlocking fee. That translates to $10 an hour. Riders can leave their rental at their destination.

Spread among the city to determine if electric scooters would be popular within the lively town, they quickly became a hot commodity. State laws granted E-scooters the same rights as bicyclists. This would allow renters to ride E-scooters on sidewalks as well as streets.

With a total of five scooter companies vying for riders and finding an available scooter has been a high for riders seeking an inexpensive way to get around or just for a pleasure ride. For many people in the area, like students, E-scooters are being used on a regular basis. They provide individuals with transportation services to navigate the city easily and efficiently.

“Having car problems at a time like now, is quite challenging being in the circumstances I stand,” Florida A&M student Lauryn Johnson said. “Over the past year, I’ve found using E-scooters especially enjoyable to get from point A to point B.”

“I live about a 20-minute walk from campus,” Johnson added. “Ten minutes if you’re riding a scooter. Not only is it convenient and affordable, but it’s also pretty cool and fun. It’s one of those things you can’t knock until you try.”

Johnson also said that she not only uses the scooters to get to and from campus, but around the city to take care of her personal business as well.

E-scooters have been a staple of productivity since their arrival in Tallahassee. Not only have they begun to leave a significant impression on those using them, but they’ve created an urge for bicycle owners to ponder transitioning to a battery powered bike.

As the use of E-bikes and E-scooters have been on the rise. These electrically powered scooters and bikes are said to be more environmentally friendly, accessible and age friendly. For further information and common E-scooter questions you can visit Planning | Scoot | PLACE (talgov.com).