A new outlook on ‘spring cleaning’

The benefits of spring cleaning. Photo Courtesy: everwellcounseling.com

Spring cleaning your emotional and mental space is important to your well-being. When spring rolls around it is the season of new beginnings. There are less rainy days, more sunlight, longer days, beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies.

Spring is a time for rebirth, renewal and awakening that can be applied to self-care routines and everyday lives.

This time of the year gives a chance to declutter and say farewell to unwanted energy, people, personal belongings but most importantly to refresh your living space and mental state. There are many benefits that spring cleaning brings to help mental health.

According to the Health e-Living Blog there are around 78% of people who find it stressful to deal with their clutter. Roughly 54% of people say they feel overwhelmed by clutter in their homes and nearly half of all Americans say stress has a negative impact on their lives.

Kya Grant, a Florida A&M University student, said that she requires herself to have a clutter-free home.

“When this time of the year comes around, I make sure that I keep my mind, space, and energy clutter free,” Grant said. “To me practicing mindfulness, moving my body and finding gratitude are some things that I practice because it increases my well-being, reduces my anxiety and stress. I can’t function with any type of clutter; I have to get rid of it.”

Not only is spring cleaning good for your mind but relationships can benefit from it too.

Third-year Florida A&M University student, Jeremy Bennet, said that people keep certain relationships around because it’s easier than letting them go.

“If you really want to spring clean your relationships, you have to be committed to evaluating each relationship you have in your life,” said Bennet. “We often get too complacent in our relationships and I think change is important especially if they are not where we want them to be.”

Kennedy Rice, another FAMU student, said that everyone should incorporate spring cleaning.

“I love when I spring clean, because to me it signifies a fresh new start and it’s satisfying,” Rice said.

Anyone can benefit from a clutter free, healthy and more organized environment. That’s why the great thing about spring cleaning is that not only does it come with many health benefits but it helps you be a better person all around.