FAMU permits various campus events over Set Friday

FAMU Permits Various Campus Events Over Set Friday. Photo Courtesy: TallySouth.com

The Efferson Student Union has coordinated Set Friday for years, however, this past year, Set Friday has been hosted only on special occasions.

Set Friday boosted Rattler pride every week. It held the ability to maintain school spirit at a more consistent rate than any football game or convocation could. Its absence has been baffling since other events have still been present on campus weekly. The cancellation of Set Friday came with no notice or explanation, something that the student body deserved.

Since being welcomed back on campus in Fall of 2021, COVID-19 safety has been a top priority for Florida A&M University. With a new variant on the rise, the university has been diligent in keeping case numbers down by encouraging students to social distance and wear masks.

FAMU has vigorously campaigned COVID-19 safety guidelines on campus so much so that there has been a drop in reported COVID cases and an increase in vaccination rates.

Students have been working diligently to keep the FAMUly safe by staying masked up and vaccinated, but some feel that cases are inevitable. However, canceling regular Set Fridays over other campus events that could pose as super spreaders for COVID-19 has confused some students.

Mikiyah Baldwin, a third-year animal science major, feels that not having a Set Friday is pointless.

“Set has a lot going on in one space and everyone is sitting up on each other,” Baldwin said. “I can see why they’re not having it, but when you look at all the other things happening on campus, it doesn’t really make sense.”

Some students felt that campus administration has canceled Set Friday for the semester to keep Covid case numbers down.

Jordan Meyers, a junior animal science major, shared that he wants to see Set Friday make a return to campus life, but understands why it has been taken away.

“They probably won’t allow Set Friday because it can be a covid risk,” Meyers said. “I feel like I’m missing out on the FAMU experience by not having Set Friday.”

Arian Ravenell, a second-year computer engineering major, feels that having in person instruction is just as bad as hosting Set Friday every week.

“It doesn’t make any sense that we have in person classes but don’t have Set Friday,” Ravenell said. “It’s more people at football games than at Set Friday.”

Canceling Set Fridays but continuing other campus events serves no purpose for the consideration of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

There has been word that Set Friday could be making a return to campus on a weekly basis, however, this has not yet been confirmed. With COVID case numbers at a low, perhaps the return of Set Friday can serve as a reward for being vigilant in following campus COVID-19 guidelines. The disappearance of Set Friday has been trivial, but the return can prove to be epic.