Rhone eager to earn a doctorate

Kaylin Rhone graduated from FAMU in April. Photo courtesy: Sydnee Worthy

She is intelligent, strong and a risk-taker.

Kaylin Rhone, an alumna and former athlete at Florida A&M University, earned her bachelor’s degree in the School of Allied Health Sciences in April. Rhone realized her desire and aspiration to care, assist and nurture others at a young age. “I would always dress as a doctor for Halloween when I was little,” Rhone said.

Growing up with three older brothers in Polk County, Rhone learned how to throw footballs and baseballs. She also knew how to throw a punch if needed.

Her brothers taught her how to catch and swing a bat. At 5 years old, Rhone played her first little league softball game at a ballpark in Winter Haven.

“I remember my helmet flying off when I ran to first base,” she said.

As a senior at Lake Region High School, Rhone was offered a scholarship to play softball at Florida A&M University. She was ecstatic and eager to study in the School of Allied Health Sciences as a pre-physical therapy major.

Rhone’s oldest brother, Cedric Sermons, graduated from FAMU and was a member of The Marching 100. Sermons said he was proud to have his courageous and talented sister admire his determination and follow in his footsteps. “My sister is the smartest out of all of us, I knew she could do it all,” Sermons said.

Majoring in pre-physical therapy was a difficult task for Rhone, but she was thankful to have her mom during her journey. The overload of assignments and exams combined with morning softball practices was challenging. The phone calls and texts with her mom helped her cope and relieve her mind from stress. According to her mom, Rhone is a strong-minded and dedicated person to be able to manage the life of being a student in the classroom and athlete on the softball field.

In April, Rhone was called to the stage and received her bachelor’s degree as a pre-physical therapy student. At that moment, Rhone thought of all the late nights while studying and hard softball training she endured throughout her four years to get to this point. She felt deep gratitude for her family pushing her to be the greatest she could be. Rhone ended her senior year with a 3.6 cumulative GPA and won All-MEAC Third Team.

Rhone is not finished just yet. She plans to obtain her doctorate of physical therapy at the University of Central Florida.