Alumna’s debut album set to drop

Adrienne Floyd is hoping to make it big. Photo courtesy: Floyd

The music industry can be competitive for upcoming artists who are trying to get their foot though the door, but Florida A&M University alumna Adrienne Floyd is going the extra mile to stay on top of her game.

Floyd, who received her bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in business administration, is a Jacksonville native who spent half of her life in Tallahassee. After graduating FAMU in 2020 with her master’s she decided to take a different route and move to Atlanta to start a career in music.

“After graduating with my master’s, I decided it was time to embark on my hidden talent,” Floyd said. “I have always wanted to move to Atlanta ever since I graduated, but God was not ready for me to make that step yet. After realizing that it was time to close this FAMU chapter and make my dream a reality of becoming the next woman emcee for hip hop, I decided to pack my things and move.”

Floyd could have given up after facing the challenge of being the “newbie” in Atlanta and being overlooked because the field is so oversaturated, but she managed to stay confident as a new artist who is pushing her music independently.

Floyd’s friends and family motivate her to keep striving for greater and she has been doing just that while also releasing her new single, “Choose Violence,” which received a lot of acknowledgements from Instagram after the famous female rapper “trinarockstarr” shouted her out.

Floyd plans to break generational cycles and make history in her family tree.

“I want my music career to embark my platform for humanitarian purposes such as legends like Beyonce and Rihanna,” Floyd said. “I definitely see myself being a major influence on young women and making it my mission to use my music career for great influence on the things that really matter for the people who take their time to support, stream, share, and help grow my empire.”

Shirelle Garrett, a close friend of Floyd’s, said she is happy to see her follow her dreams.

“Adrienne is very motivated and will do anything she sets her mind to,” Garrett said. “She has been through a lot in the past year but that did not stop her from accomplishing her goal.”

Floyd goes by the name “AyeDNicole” in the music industry. You can find her on all music platforms such as Apple, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora.

Floyd is dropping her first ever album on Dec. 3 and hopes that it receives similar recognition to her new single, if not more.

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