Royal Court’s absence in Orlando raises suspicions

Royal court members during homecoming week. Photo courtesy of Famu Royal Court Instagram

What is going on with Florida A&M University’s Royal Court?

Students are left wondering after sordid rumors of a physical altercation involving members of the Royal Court began circulating around campus, questioning the court’s status at the moment.

When asked about the validity of these rumors, Royal Court adviser Andre Green declined to answer.

While the rumors remain unchallenged, FAMU Boosters were notified prior to Saturday’s Florida Classic  — one of the biggest games of the season and a key recruiting trip for the university —  that the Royal Court would not be attending, adding to the mystery and peculiarity of the situation.

The usually regal and honorable positions on the Royal Court attract hard-working, highly respected student leaders who are eager to serve the campus and embody the idea of FAMUly.

Already, this year’s Royal Court members have distinguished themselves with the diverse personalities that hold titles and relate to a wide array of FAMU students: an influencer, a mother, and proud members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Royal Court members, much like other student leaders on campus, are constantly under a watchful eye and are often scrutinized for their missteps. Yet, this isn’t the first time students have questioned the etiquette of current Royal Court members.

Just a month ago, Christelle Haygood, serving as Miss FAMU, came under fire after students claimed she inaccurately “came out” as asexual on an Instagram live feed.

“I think you’re confusing asexuality for something else bestie,” one student teasingly commented under her video.

Multiple students accused Haygood of spreading false information and wanting attention for associating with a group she didn’t identify with, confusing abstinence with asexuality.

Regardless, Haygood defended her ground saying, “I feel like there’s nothing wrong with claiming asexuality. Sexuality is fluid and if you are not feeling romantically or sexually interested in anybody, then that can be considered asexual.”

Still, many students began to rethink what the Royal Court stood for — especially since a student leader holding one of the highest positions on campus and marketing herself as a social media influencer, was spreading views which, some believed, as a misrepresentation of a marginalized group.

Following this and news of an alleged fight between court members, students are eager to see a much-needed change in representation, provided the rumors are true.

Some students, however, believe the Royal Court is living up to its high expectations and think others are too critical of their peers.

“I think they all represent the university very well. People expect way too much out of them sometimes. They are still just college students, let alone human,” said FAMU student Rae’kwan Bostic.

“I think they represent the university well, publicly,” said another FAMU student, Trinity Durr.

Though it is unclear if an altercation actually occurred, it is clear something is going on with the Royal Court.

King of Orange and Green, Chazriq Clarke, posted a photo after Saturday’s Florida Classic game, captioned “No Sash… No Crown… Yet And Still, The OG Keeps It Classic,” only adding to students’ suspicions and confirming what others already deem to be true.

It seems a bit strange that students are being kept in the dark about the status of elected student leaders. However, extenuating circumstances may account for this secrecy.

Will new faces be seen bearing the crown of current court members? When will students see their Royal Court again?

While answers to these pressing questions are slow to come, students can only hope to receive responses soon about the status and welfare of their Royal Court.