Do Thanksgiving your way this year

Thanksgiving is a time to eat good and celebrate with family and friends. Photo courtesy: Tim Douglas

As a college student, it’s easy to think of the Thanksgiving holiday as a trip back home to go eat your family’s food. But when will you make your own traditions and personal way of celebrating such a big holiday?

This year, I made the decision to have my first Thanksgiving alone. Although my family wasn’t about to pay to fly me home twice in a semester, I still didn’t want to have another regular Thanksgiving. My mother does everything the same exact way every year, but I want to try my own luck at a successful dinner.

I realize that once I graduate, I’ll most likely be on my own for big holidays more often than not, so I want to be prepared. When asking my mom on how to approach my own dinner, she explained, “Don’t try to think too hard and use what you grew up seeing in the kitchen around your family.”

I’m arming myself with those memories as well as everyone’s favorite assistant, Google, and using recipes for dressing, macaroni and cheese, and greens from the internet. I’m sure I’ll make a few mistakes, but I’ll know how to cook a big holiday dinner on my own.

Devin Nobles, a second-year engineering scholar at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, couldn’t imagine a holiday season away from home.

“I have a really big family, so the holidays give us a way to see each other and have a huge get together,” Nobles said. “After COVID, I’m really trying to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones, because you never know when you won’t see someone again.”

Deja Wilson, a fourth-year psychology major at FAMU, agreed but also believes that it’s time to start adulting during the holidays on her own.

“Me and my boyfriend are trying the whole cooking thing this year, because we gotta start at some point,” Wilson said. “In a few years, we will be inviting people over for Thanksgiving, so we have to learn how to do it right.”

Consider hosting your own Thanksgiving dinner with some close friends or by yourself this year! You’ll be proud once you get through it and have a delicious plate on the table to show for it.

Here are some recipes for fundamental dishes that you need on turkey day: