Gas prices hit 8-year high in October

Gas prices have risen sharply this year. Photo courtesy: AP

After increases in the last few months, Florida gasoline prices topped out at $3.32 a gallon in October. According to AAA-Auto Club Group’s weekly briefing, October was the most expensive month for gas in Florida in eight years.

Crude oil prices are connected to gas prices. The price per barrel of U.S. crude oil in October reached $84.60 a barrel.

Last week, the average gas price dropped by 3 cents. The AAA-Auto Club Group’s weekly briefing said that $3.28 a gallon was the average price across the state.

Domestic production has increased weekly, resulting in a 7% decline in crude oil prices last week.

Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman, said gas prices might lower this week in his weekly briefing.

“Gas prices may inch a little lower this week, following the recent declines in the oil and gasoline futures market,” Jenkins said.

FSU freshman Jasmine Florexil said she noticed gas prices increasing since she started driving and paying for gas.

“Since I’ve started putting gas in my own car, I’ve noticed that gas has actually been increasing,” Florexil said. “When I first started putting gas, it used to be like $2.87. Now it’s almost at $3.50.”

Tallahassee resident Vania Lee began driving in 2012. She said it wasn’t until this year she noticed gas prices over $3.

“Gas prices in 2016 were sometimes as low as $1.80 but never hit over $2.30,” Lee said. “After that year, I noticed gas prices would fluctuate a lot but never reached $3. It wasn’t until this year that I noticed gas prices over $3.”

Lee added that the current gas prices are ridiculous after seeing gas hit $3.31 a gallon last month.

“I drive what would be considered a compact sedan, so I never thought I would have to put over $40 worth of regular gas in my car a week,” Lee. “I felt like that much just for gas was quite ridiculous.”

Gas prices are driving higher because fuel demand continues to outpace global supplies.

Jenkins says gas prices are likely to remain high through the holiday season.

“Despite the setback, significant upward pressure remains in the oil market. Prices are still at 7-year highs and are likely to remain elevated through the holiday season, which will, in turn, keep upward pressure on prices at the pump.”

Lee says her solution to obtaining cheaper gas prices is driving an electric car.

“I know for me, the next vehicle I drive will be electric,” Lee said. “Electric cars are better for the environment and a lot cheaper to fuel. Until then, I will be looking into other alternatives for getting around like bike riding, carpooling and walking.”