Students meet employers at ‘snack chat’

Career and Professional Development Center info sign. Photo courtesy: Alea Mexile

Florida A&M University’s Career and Professional Development Center held an event Wednesday in the Grand Ballroom called “Employer Snack Chat.”

A nacho bar was available for faculty and students to enjoy the information presented at the event. Employers from companies such as Walmart, Ford, Capital One and Deutsche Bank more spoke with students virtually on the options they have available as they develop their careers.

Senior Kamari Cason said the event was enlightening and made her look forward to expanding her career in business.

“Being able to hear the companies speak about all the opportunities that were presented made me want to learn more,” Cason said. “Ford had a great opportunity which would give a full ride package to those pursuing business, which I really appreciate.”

As the event continued students were able to ask questions directly to representatives of the companies as well as receive small gifts such as a wireless charger and network among other students.

Music industry major Elaisha Hardy does not want to go into the business industry. However, she found the event to be very informative and made her think of other career options.

“This event gave students the knowledge to see what these companies are about,” Hardy said. “It seems like they did a really good job in explaining all the options we have as college students that can catapult us in our career. Even though, I am pursuing a career in music it’s good to know that the companies may have openings for students who have interests that are different than strictly business.”

The Career and Professional Development Center also provides internship and job opportunities for students through the programs Handshake and Hire a Rattler.

Employee relations coordinator Kindrea Hill said Wednesday’s  event can help students in the long run when looking for career opportunities.

“I think that this event will help students because it provides a second option for students that were unable to attend the career fair,” Hill said. “They got to speak with employers in a virtual setting that is informal which could make students feel more comfortable to find out more information about the career opportunities and about their organizations,” she said.

The “Snack Chat” event will continue for the next few weeks on Nov. 10 and 17 with more companies such as Nike, Home Depot, Kohl’s and more.

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