Student Senate welcomes new members

New students being sworn into office. Photo Courtesy: Kenan K. Mercius

The seats in the senate chamber that were once empty are now occupied by eight new student senators; Kobe Buggs, Dioby Ralph Cherisme, Trinity Kyles, Isaiah Lysse, Loryn May, Londe Mondelus, Machia Sanders and Haylee Thomas.

On Monday Oct. 19, the new student senators were called to stand as they were sworn in by Student Government Association President Carrington M. Whigham.

“This is a big responsibility. You signed up to prospect, to advocate and to support your student body, so I hope that you guys take that in heart,” Whigham said as she proceeded to administer the oath of office to the eight new senators.

As the new student senates held their right hands high and completed their vow to faithfully execute the responsibilities of their appointed roles, the senate chamber filled with applause and cheers honoring the latest additions to the senate body.

Senate Pro-Tempore Zachary Bell shared his words of wisdom to the new senators.

“You guys are now literally setting the standard… you guys are the first senate after COVID-19,” Bell said. “Be the foundation. Whatever you guys start as a new tradition, or values you may want to bring to the senate, will carry on for years and years.”

In addition to the new senators being sworn in, the student senate confirmed three students for executive branch positions and addressed several topics on their agenda.

The three students confirmed tonight were Christian Baker for Junior Senator, Zion Lampley for Senior Senator and Hadiya Clay for Deputy Secretary of State.

“Some initiatives that I would like to enact upon being confirmed are to host events and panels to get informed on the needs of transfer students and offer services, as well as scholarships, and different organizations that they can join,” said Baker during his two minute Q&A period when asked about his plans once being confirmed for his appointment position.

SGA Program Director Harold Anderson II shared his opinion on the confirmation during this week’s senate meeting.

“I think the confirmations went well. I was very proud of the senators for how vigilant they were and how astute they were in asking all the right questions to make sure they had the right candidates in place to serve alongside them in the senate,” Anderson said.

Furthermore, the senate body honored breast cancer awareness month with pink balloons, cake, decorations and an informative presentation on breast cancer from the Student Relation Committee.