Ideal study spots close to campus

All Saints Cafe is just minutes from campus. Photo courtesy: Jaela Davis

Tallahassee, the state capital, home to two universities and a community college, is quite the fast-paced environment for students and businesspeople alike. There is always something going on whether it is on campus, at home, or in the community.

And then there is studying. Many students try to find selective spaces that fit them as a person or the environment they so desire to slow things down and be at peace with all this known commotion and commitment to be a student.

Florida A&M University, Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College have many students who occupy this city. Attending college is a task that requires extra time outside of designated class and school hours to achieve understanding or mastery of assignments and material.

Studying is a requirement, which takes one’s willingness to gather their own understanding of what was originally provided to them. Having the right environment to study in, is key to all understanding and retention of said information.

“Sometimes where you study is just as important as what you study,” according to Ameritech College of Healthcare.

In Tallahassee, there are a few study spots that suit almost anyone aiming to leave the comfort of their own home, or already designated study location.

All-Saints Café, located at 903 Railroad Ave, just moments away from Florida A&M, is quite a popular location for studying. Open from 7 in the morning until midnight, these flexible hours are ideal for students.

The ambiance is welcoming and relaxed thanks to warm colors. The lighting is somewhat dim but just enough to stimulate the brain, and the music selections at All-Saints are diverse but suitable to inclusivity of many different groups of people.

The food and beverage is made up of multiple flavors of teas, coffees, sandwiches, bagels and pastries. Pricing is very affordable, all under $10 and made to order. The staff is welcoming and polite to all guests and those who come inside.

To me, going to All-Saints helps me to focus and complete more as a student, journalist, and artist based off the aesthetic and many people who visit. As someone who gathers inspiration from their atmosphere and studying of human interaction, it allows for me to get everything done for school and within my own craft while not feeling alone.

Greenwise Market’s study lounge, located at 625 West Gaines St., is another poplar study location. Open from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, Greenwise also has flexible hours for students and those in need.

What is really a grocery store, is also sectioned off to provide healthy food on the spot and an area to eat, along with studying.

As a college student on the go, this is an ideal location when you need to eat dinner or lunch but also have things to do. The seating is very limited, which can be an issue, but when not highly occupied it is worth the visit.

The ambiance is minimal along with the lighting, providing a clean look. Made of two stories, the study lounge is built on the second story with different forms of seating but the spacing is stacked and organized but very congested visually and physically.

“Great niche store that’s convenient for state workers and college students, but prices seem unnecessarily high,” said Sean Lewis.

Coming here allows me to stay alert when I need to study or continue my day being that it matches the theme of the city with a fast pace. I come here on days that I may need to revisit campus or simply want a fresh healthy meal to motivate me through minimal plans.

Serenity Coffee and Kava Bar is another welcome spot. Located at 915 Railroad Ave., it provides a more open -spaced low lighting venue. There are many different forms of seating and it is thoughtfully spacious. The beverages and food range from teas to kava and coffee along with minimal pastries. The indie aesthetic and features are all interesting.

Visiting this location for me is to read and write without distraction. My ideas flow smoothly in this environment as it isn’t too perfected that I feel out of place. This location is often highly occupied but those inside are all considerate of one another.

Visiting these locations to study is a must throughout my tenure in Tallahassee.