Near abduction at FSU sparks concern at FAMU

An emergency pole on FAMU’s campus. Photo courtesy: Alea Mexile

Two women were almost abducted last week on FSU’s campus. Although the suspect was detained there are concerns on FAMU, FSU and TCC’s campuses about how to keep students safe.

All three campuses are open with no gating to enter, which can allow anyone to walk onto the area. For students this can be a cause for concern.

The Department of Campus Safety and Security, also known as the DCCS, is located on FAMU’s campus. Its mission and vision align with providing protection for students.

“The members of the Department of Campus Safety & Security are committed to providing the students, visitors, faculty, and staff of FAMU an environment where people can live, visit and work safely,according to its website.

Warriors Against Rape, a student organization otherwise known as W.A.R., focuses on preventing of sexual assaults, providing support to survivors, and being advocates for those who have experienced sexual assault.

Ashley Laurent, president of W.A.R, explains what she feels should be done to reduce students from being targeted and promoting safety on campus.

“FAMU is an open space college so anyone can literally go on our campus, but some folks can be targeting the students on campus causing them to not feel safe,” Laurent said. “Ways to protect the campus is having more security around at night actually on different parts on campus, more lighting so students cannot get harmed in the dark, when the Venom stops there should be another reliable source to have students that live on campus get a ride or a buddy to make sure they are safe, and more cameras and emergency poles,” she said.

The Miya Marcano case along with the situation that occurred on FSU’s campus have also had students on edge. They have even inspired one student, Te’jhan Downing, whose Twitter handle is @huncho_solo, to assist women by tweeting about how to properly use firearms for self defense.

“For any women in the Tallahassee area that would like to learn how to shoot to be comfortable with firearms for you own safety and protection and have the ability and knowledge to defend yourself,” Downing said. “I will start back teaching for free hit my DM.”

With three bustling campuses in Tallahassee it is important to know what safety guidelines each campus has in place to ensure students’ well-being.

To stay informed on what W.A.R has planned next, visit the Instagram at w.a.r.1887. For more information on what FAMU’s DCCS is implementing to keep campus safe, visit