FAMU Towers residents welcome Mail Hub

The Mail Hub is located at 467 Osceola St. Photo Courtesy: Malcolm Harvey

The Mail Hub now serves FAMU students in nearby residence halls

The university has made it easier for students to retrieve mail and packages after an additional business center opened at The Hub on Sept. 13. The Mail Hub, located adjacent to FAMU Towers, was established to better serve the students residing in nearby residence halls due to its proximity.

“Receiving packages and mail at the Mail Hub are only available for residents who live in FAMU Towers North and South, Phase III and Palmetto. For every resident living in all other dorms, packages and mail are only available for pickup at the Business Center,” said Davin Lewis with Business and Auxiliary Services.

The Business Center on Wahnish Way provides mailing services – inbound and outbound, package pickup and shipping, scanning, faxing, self-service color printing, poster and banner printing, laminating and other services. Currently, the Mail Hub only serves as a location for students to pick up packages. More services will be added to assist students’ needs, Lewis said.

Coming soon to the Mail Hub are self-service color printing, package shipping through UPS and USPS, stamp purchasing and outgoing mail services.

Rattlers living in the nearby residence halls are enjoying the perks of having a supplementary business center that is easily accessible.

“It is fairly convenient and a pretty good transition of not having to go all the way to the other location across from the Food Court to now only having to walk a few steps; definitely made life a whole lot easier,” said Gabe Simons, a first-year physical education major.

To put things in perspective, students who might have large items such as a mini refrigerator shipped to them from the Business Center, would have a tough time moving it into their room if they did not have a car on campus. Instead, the Mail Hub makes it more accommodating for a student to transfer a mini refrigerator by using a loaner dolly and wheeling it to their room.

The Mail Hub was not open at the beginning of the semester, and this was a cause of concern for students wanted to be able to conduct business effectively.

“Personally, there weren’t any complications I had with receiving mail or things of that nature, but I have come across some of my friends and peers who have dealt with problems getting mail and packages on time just because I think [the Mail Hub] wasn’t open yet,” said Myles Coates, a resident of FAMU Towers North.

With the addition of the Mail Hub, it not only is a facility which tends to students’ mailing service needs but, beneficial in shortening the wait time for students picking up mail and packages as the student population living on-campus is now divided.