Pastor, wife launch cleaning business

Charlie and Cinedra Fryson, owners of The Clean Rangers
Photo courtesy of CharlieandCinedra Fryson Facebook

Charlie and Cinedra Fryson, pastor and first lady of Trust God Ministries in nearby Gretna, have established a Tallahassee-based cleaning business. They said their inspiration is their ministry work.

“My husband and I have been specializing in ministry work for nearly 30 years,” Cinedra Fryson said. “Our ministry assignment consists of helping people to find joy, peace and comfort.”

A cleaning company is a great business to have these days. With homeowners having limited time due to work and personal obligations, there’s a rising demand for professional cleaners.

“On our journey of helping people, we found out that there was a need in the cleaning industry. One thing led to another and here we are today, a cleaning industry known as The Clean Rangers,” she said.

The name represents who they are.

“We love helping people, so over the years people would call us, write letters, and even come by our church and publicly announce how we have helped them. So we wanted a name with great meaning that would represent who we are,” Cinedra Fryson added.

If you run a cleaning business, you know that clients would expect nothing but perfection. Therefore, businesses should always go the extra mile to maintain a competitive edge over their rivals in the industry.

There are some vital and noticeable things that set The Clean Rangers apart.

“We realize that every client is different and unique. We specialize in meeting each client’s individual needs,” Cinedra Fryson said. “We are more detailed than we are generally when it comes down to servicing our clients.”

Employees are critical to the success of a good cleaning business. It’s the quality of their performance that determines whether customers are satisfied.

“We have a great friendly and reliable staff of five that has been with us from the beginning,” Cinedra Fryson said.  “What we love and are very unique about our staff is that they value our expectations.”

Charlene Keaton, the company’s secretary, makes sure all of the receipts and paperwork are filed properly and in a timely manner.

“Working for The Clean Rangers has been a great journey for me,” Keaton said. “The owners are very loving, caring, and understandable. Not only do they show it on the job but off the job as well.”

“If someone wants to make some great money and work for owners that genuinely care about them they should apply with The Clean Rangers,” Keaton added.

LaTavious Keaton, the operations manager, is in charge of setting up consultations with new clients, overseeing the general operations at their office and contract sites, and taking inventory of all products.

“The owners of The Clean Rangers have built an atmosphere that keeps me focused on being consistent and excelling in my line of work,” Keaton said.

“The expectation and respect for them and one another never waivers. This makes working for the Clean Rangers a wonderful experience. That’s why I’m forever grateful.”

Since starting they have built relationships that could last a lifetime.

“We have built a variety of relationships that varies from single-family homes, realtors, college students, businesses, and entrepreneurs throughout the Florida panhandle,” Cinedra Fryson said.

The Clean Rangers building is located at 1367 E. Lafayette St.