Review: DaBaby tackles mental health in ‘Lonely’

Photo courtesy: Dababy Instagram

DaBaby released his latest song on Sept. 9. It is titled “Lonely” and features Lil Wayne with DaBaby talking about all the loneliness that he deals with.

DaBaby recently lost his brother, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot. And DaBaby himself has been in several emotionally troublesome situations.

The beginning of the song comes as an attack on the critics that the North Carolina rapper had to face. In his official music video, DaBaby makes it a point to dress up as a clown with a big, cynical smile painted on his face.

The song reveals a great deal about how sad and sorrowful he feels in the aftermath of brother’s suicide. He continuously mentions how upset he is to have seen his brother kill himself.

The chorus revolves around him saying how it’s all “lonely, lonely baby.”

The rapper reaffirms his personal struggles through his lyrics that say,

“As if I got a reason to act like I’m lonely I saw my big brother laid out with his brains out, it’s been catching up to me. How would you act if your bro took his life,” DaBaby said.

“And you know that you rapping like all of these people and don’t even trap and you live your life, the best you ever had just to see it come crashing, I’m burning. You don’t know the feeling in the car with a bottle of liquor, a pistol, a lonely killer,” he continued. “There’s no love at the top, just a lonely dude, no love at the bottom either.”

He talks about being in a room with mental health patients and being drugged. Toward the end, he finds himself waking from a dream but with his clown costume hanging nearby.

“Lonely” is regarded as the best rap song that describes and deals with mental health with utmost beauty.

DaBaby transforms the entire story into something that can live in the world longer than anything else. Emphasizing the importance of mental health and acceptance, DaBaby’s new song is more than just a hip-hop rap.

DaBaby ends the video with a quote: “Mental health awareness matters, 100% of us either deal with or know someone who is dealing with issues revolving around mental health on a daily basis. Take a moment after watching this video and check on your loved ones.”