New journalism dean meets faculty, students

SJGC’s new dean, Mira Lowe, meeting with students and faculty on Friday. Photo Courtesy: Kia Cannon.

Florida A&M’s School of Journalism & Graphic Communication hosted a meet and greet Friday with the school’s new dean, Mira Lowe.

Maurice Eddington, the provost, announced on Aug. 25 that Lowe would be the new permanent dean, replacing interim dean Bettye Grable. Lowe had been an assistant dean at the University of Florida.

The meet and greet event started with opening remarks from Grable, who welcomed students, faculty and staff, who were on hand to meet Lowe.

“Today is an exciting day and a pivotal moment in SJGC,” Grable said. “We are moving forward with a new and permanent dean.”

Following Grable’s welcome, third-year graphic design major Emmanuel Childs and third-year journalism major Pam Rentz thanked Lowe for joining SJGC and told her about the exciting things going on in each of their divisions.

Lowe said she was impressed with the program.

“We all know about the greatness of FAMU because we hear about it,” Lowe said. “Now I’m able to experience the greatness myself and I am excited to be here.”

Lowe said she doesn’t plan on being a distant dean and looks forward to elevating the student experience.

“I see us as a school of storytellers,” Lowe said. “We have a story to tell internally and externally and I look forward to showing how great we are.”

The meet and greet was attended by students, faculty, and staff.

The second part of the event was moved to the gallery hall where light refreshments were served and students casually met and spoke to Lowe.

C’era Pace, a third-year journalism major, said that the meet and greet was a welcome opportunity for everyone to get the new leader of SJGC.

“I think it was a great idea to see who is going to call the shots and run the school,” Pace said.

Rentz said she’s ecstatic that Lowe is going to run SGJC and is looking forward to learning from her.

“Dean Lowe has many accolades and has had many honorable positions,” Rentz said. “Getting the opportunity to learn from her tutelage is going to be a great experience.”

Dean Lowe is scheduled to officially start her position on Friday, Oct. 22, days before homecoming week.

Grable said that SJGC is more than ready to have her begin.

“Dean Lowe is coming to a true FAMULY that is ready to welcome and embrace her with open arms,” Grable said.