Academic and football success go hand in hand for Bonnett

Bishop Bonnett is making moves on the football field and in the classroom. Photo courtesy: Bonnett

Bishop Bonnett, a fourth-year health leisure science major, is flourishing in his career as a student-athlete at Florida A&M University. He is a starting running back on the football team as well as preparing to receive his third degree in health leisure science.

Bonnett, a Jacksonville native, didn’t plan on coming to FAMU. But after not getting an offer on signing day, the Raines High School star forced himself to come up with a Plan B.

He decided to apply to FAMU, and was accepted.

After entering FAMU as a freshman he was noticed by FAMU’s football coach and was welcomed as a walk on. This was just the beginning for Bonnett.

He was always told that he was destined for greatness, so he let those words of encouragement become his reality.

Not only was he able to participate in the sport he loved, but he was also able to prosper academically.  Bonnett holds two degrees so far as a FAMU student: one in construction engineering and another in interdisciplinary studies.

He plans to use these to boost his career standing, giving him the legitimate credentials necessary to go further in life.

In addition, Bonnett is a born hustler. He aggressively works hard to fulfill his desires.

“What motivates me most is my daughter. She will one day realize that I pushed myself to my fullest potential and that will guide her to do the same,” Bonnett said.

Willie Simmons, head coach for FAMU football, said he’s honored to have Bonnett on his team.

“Bishop’s work ethic has demonstrated that he is capable of anything he puts his mind to,” Simmons said. “He has never limited himself and most importantly he is on the road to success. I am beyond pleased with him.”

Chad Hunter, a wide receiver on the football team, describes Bonnett as “a true winner.”

“We both walked onto FAMU together. He never let anyone out-work him on or off the field. The drive that he holds is unmatched and everything that he has and is working to get is well deserved,” Hunter said. “What also impresses me is that he manages his personal life and social life well. That right there proves to me that he is focused on being his best self.”

Bonnett encourages students to strive for greatness.

“Success is not given – it’s earned. With everything that you do it is important to give it all you got and for that very reason I will make it a priority to continue to reach for the stars,” he said.

Bonnett plans to seize every moment in his life.