Local residents eager for booster shot

Booster shots may be here soon. Photo courtesy: yahoo.com

The Biden administration and U.S. health officials announced in mid-August that booster shots for Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna recipients will start on Sept. 20. U.S. health officials are now recommending Americans receive the shot eight months after receiving their second dose of Moderna or Pfizer.

As of now, Florida A&M University does not have a proposal on how to give out the shot to the general public but it is waiting on further guidance from the CDC.

Some students and residents in the Leon County area with autoimmune diseases are eager for the third dose and are awaiting news about receiving the booster shot.

Thomas Dow, an accounting major at FAMU with diabetes, says he has not received the original two vaccine doses but he plans on getting them soon.

“If the booster shot increases the chances of having less severe symptoms, then it will be inevitable that I get the booster shot after the first two doses,” he said.

He added that he thinks the booster shot is a smart idea for people like him with autoimmune diseases because COVID-19 can cause severe damage to that demographic if they were to catch it.

“I think the booster shot would be helpful in protecting us against the side effects of possibly contracting COVID19. I’ve been worried about the outcomes that could come from me still contracting COVID-19 knowing how it can harshly affect not only diabetes but also other immunocompromised people,” he said. “I will do my research on the difference in the effectiveness of the booster and if the results look promising I will certainly get the booster shot.”

While some students with autoimmune diseases are eager to receive the shot, some area residents are just as ready and willing to participate in getting it.

Brandy Johns, a Leon County resident with multiple sclerosis, says she has lived a good life and is OK with getting the shot for herself and for research purposes.

“I’m old and on my way out anyway, I’m OK with being a guinea pig for future generations.. assuming there is a future. I’ve already been fully vaccinated but still plan on getting the booster shot whenever they let me know I can go get it.”

Fortunately, Johns does not have to wait long because, according to health officials, the U.S. should start offering the shot to all Americans this month after the FDA has approved it.