Local organizations providing aid for hurricane victims

Photo courtesy North Florida Red Cross

Local community efforts for Hurricane Ida victims continue to grow as Louisiana struggles to recover. Hurricane Ida, the second most intense and catastrophic Category 4   hurricane to make landfall in Louisiana, came ashore on Aug. 29.

The North Florida chapter of Red Cross, specifically within the capital area, sent emergency relief crews to assist Hurricane Ida victims. North Florida Red Cross sent crews prior to the storm and after, setting up in Louisiana and Mississippi and providing garbage bags, gloves, water and other essentials.

According to WCTV, Red Cross’ executive director of North Florida, Sharon Tyler, said the organization is committed to emergency relief amid devastation.

“We’ve sent probably about 75 of our emergency response vehicles to Louisiana and Mississippi. The biggest thing I can encourage people to do is go to a trusted non-profit and make a financial donation. That way the things that are needed, bulk items, it’s easier for us to have it there on the ground,” Tyler said.

Tyler encourages all evacuees to establish a clear plan for their destination and identify the resources that are readily available upon their arrival.

Due to limited resources and the majority of North Florida Red Crosses’s staff being out of state, the local resources the organization can provide for evacuating families are slim but the organization is working with other local organizations to provide food and resources.

Photo courtesy North Florida Red Cross

North Florida Red Cross isn’t the only organization with dedicated victim relief efforts in the capital area. Franklin County has begun making strides with its local sheriff’s department, sending two semi-truck loads of donated items such as water, ice, toilet tissue, clothes, shoes, sanitation agents, etc. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office made three trips to Louisiana, with semi-trucks loaded with donated items and common necessities for survivors.

As the sheriff’s department prepared the third semi-truck shipment, it halted accepting physical donations last week, but monetary donations are still accepted.

“This is the third time we’ve been dedicated to hurricane relief efforts since I’ve been elected. The community and volunteers are extremely giving and helpful, it’s almost as if they expect for us to since we’ve kept the momentum through our efforts. Law enforcement is about much more than putting people in jail, that’s actually a small portion of it. The experience is truly rewarding, the good part is you feel great about the impact. We are all making a difference,” says Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith said.

Emerge Church is accepting monetary donations for relief aid. Pastor Wade and his wife Cynthia called southeast Louisiana home prior to relocating to Tallahassee. They said it was important to contribute to rebuilding the Louisiana community.

Florida Baptist Church of Tallahassee is currently extending disaster relief by accepting gift card donations and encouraging others to volunteer their time with the FBCTLH disaster response team. While FBCTLH is preparing to send relief aid at a later date, they offer disaster relief and credentialed volunteer training online to equip civilians who wish to aid the impacted areas when notified. Florida Baptist Church of Tallahassee is also encouraging the community to support Send Relief in their partnering efforts to rehabilitate communities in Louisiana.

For more information on how to donate to any of the organizations below:


Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Charity Fund

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Emerge Church Monetary Donations

First Baptist Church of Tallahassee Gift Card Donations or Disaster Response Training