Carson is a promoter and a full-time student

Jordan Carson. Photo courtesy of Instagram: Speedy.gotti

Jordan Carson, better known as “speedy,” is a junior at Florida A&M majoring in clinical psychology. He quickly learned that managing his time wisely is one of the most challenging things a college kid must do.

Attending Raines and Ribault high schools in Jacksonville set him up to do great things. It opened his eyes to wanting much more, which led him to college.

Carson transferred to FAMU in 2019 from Webber International University, where he chose to go after his bachelor’s degree.

Carson is a full-time student as well as a full-time promoter in Tallahassee. The nickname “speedy” came from him being fast and athletic on the track and football fields.

He started promoting in Jacksonville, with a group named FTE, which included him and close friends throwing events and having fun with their peers. These events started to gain attention from people in Jacksonville, a city known for its historic violence and hate towards people who are making moves and making positive impacts on the community. Yet Carson stayed focused until he made it out.

When he noticed how many people paid attention to what he was doing, he thought to himself, ‘Hey, maybe I could continue this in Tallahassee when I move there.’ With no experience, he had to learn from the mistakes he made along the way.

Daunte Williams, a fourth-year public relations student from Orlando, marvels at how Carson manages his time wisely.

“He always seems to put his foot forward when it comes to both school and promoting,” Williams said. “Everyone sees the standard he set for himself and the people around him try to also live up to that same standard.”

Carson said that living in Tallahassee wasn’t even part of the plan until he came for a FAMU homecoming. He knew right then that he would be moving just off how much fun he had and how he felt everyone at the university bonded together.

“I remember like it was yesterday when I went to Tallahassee that week for homecoming and could sense that the vibe was real,” Carson said. “I could tell that everyone got along very well and there wasn’t anyone hating, only people rooting for each other.”

Kimaan Seigler, a third year journalism major, says Carson is self-driven no matter the occasion.

“I’ve known him for quite a while now and I know some of the obstacles he’s faced,” Seigler said. “Sometimes when people find themselves going through certain things they tend to shut down, but not speedy.”

Carson added that he teaches those around him that his time is of the essence and that he doesn’t have time for any distractions. As a person of this magnitude, you have to understand that any little mistake can have a big impact on the event you’re hosting.

Sometimes when life throws you lemons, you have to make lemonade

If you have the tendency to procrastinate or even feel as if you’re going to get distracted, Carson suggests that you keep your eye on the prize and continue pushing until the job is done.