Success Center recruits student influencers

Photo courtesy: FAMU’s Undergraduate Student Success Center.

Influencers are on the rise as Florida A&M University’s new Peer Influencer Initiative kicks off. The initiative was created to establish a population of student influencers who promote the academic coaching unit in the Undergraduate Student Success Center.

Peer influencers are encouraging students to use academic coaches as a resource throughout their  time at FAMU. They are connecting with current and prospective students through social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok all while expanding the USSC’s social media presence.

“The benefits of both programs is getting students the resources they need to be great,” Biwy Emmanuella Cadet, a peer influencer, said. “I think the most exciting thing about the program is the fact that I get to meet new people through something that I already do.”

The program  benefits the influencers as well. Through the program, the influencers can create a platform for themselves, engage in networking opportunities and enhance their interviewing and communication skills.

“I am most excited about developing future leaders and providing an opportunity for students to use their gifts,” Angela Blount, academic coaching coordinator, said. “I am excited to see all the content that the influencers produce this semester and for the students to see them and then take advantage of academic coaching.”

Influencers participate in programs planned by the academic coaches and play a vital role in facilitating the adjustment of students to the FAMU community by serving as positive social media influences in the USSC’s social media campaigns.

“I didn’t choose to become a peer influencer, the opportunity was actually presented to me,” Cadet said. “I was one of the first people when they asked and I said sure even though I didn’t know what it was. From then I just made it my own and it’s been fun because through this program I have also gotten a lot of other great opportunities.”

According to Cadet, a peer influencer, academic coaching is a partnership between an academic coach and a student. Coaches help students assess their strengths, needs, perceived barriers to success and create academic goals that will empower students toward positive behavior change and improved academic performance.

“The overall mission of academic coaching is to help students reach their academic coaching to help students reach their academic potential and function as independent scholars during their time at Florida A&M University,” Blount said.

Coaching is provided year-round, including the summer term, at no cost. For more information about academic coaching email