Second Aldi more convenient for many

The new Aldi is on West Pensacola Street. Photo by Izzy Young

In the words of Dj Khaled, “Another one!”

The discount grocery store Aldi has opened its second location in Tallahassee.

Located at 2020 West Pensacola St., this supermarket company’s placement seems perfect for an area that is teeming with college students.

“I’ve always shopped at Aldi back at home, so knowing that I now have easy access to one here is great,” said Dené Garrett.

The retail chain, known for its low prices, is also known for wide range of organic products and produce options.

Aldi stands on offering its customers faster, easier and smarter ways to save money on high- quality groceries.

Customers have been raving not only for this new location but the constant low prices.

Aldi opened its first store in Tallahassee earlier this summer. It’s on Apalachee Parkway.

“Aldi is the best option when it comes to saving money,” said Pineappétit business owner, Sam Burgess. “A pineapple at Walmart is $2.20, where Aldi’s pineapples go for $1.50.”

Good prices aren’t the only thing Aldi offers.

The company vouches for its own in-house brands, Simply Nature and Earth Grown, which are guaranteed to be all natural and have no synthetic coloring in any of their foods.

The grocer also offers curbside pick-up and delivery options with Instacart, just like its popular competitors, Walmart and Publix.

Aldi claims to do things “Differentli” than the others, to bring its customers the satisfaction they want. Aldi can maintain its cheaper prices by avoiding name brands, having fewer employees, and requiring its customers to be equipped with their own bags.

The company takes pride in its healthy, low-priced products, knowing that other companies cannot offer the same convenience.

The connivence doesn’t stop with just the prices anymore.

“I used to have to travel over 20 minutes just to go Walmart,” said FSU student Bryan Cemen. “Now with this new Aldi is here, my drive to get groceries is only about five minutes.”

People are saving their money, their gas and their time.

When the first store opened on Apalachee Parkway, it was a lengthy drive for some, but now that is no longer be an issue.

The demand for another Aldi from locals is a topic of discussion.

But until then, the new Aldi is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday.