Safety tips for enjoying a night out

Bajas Beachclub. Photo courtesy: Chelsea Arentt

Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida and home to two universities, Florida A&M and Florida State, along with Tallahassee Community College.

After a long week of going to class, studying for tests, and completing assignments in time before 11:59, you probably want to party, hang out with friends and let off some steam.

Although you should never let the threat of crime prevent you from having fun, you should avoid dangerous situations and enjoy the night by being aware of your surroundings.

Kadijah Freeman, a junior pre-occupational therapy major, says she goes out every other weekend to turn up with one to three friends. She said she is usually the designated driver.

“My friends and I always come up with a game plan for the night to be safe. We never leave each other alone. If one of us has to use the restroom, we all go together as a group.

You just never know what could happen so I like to have a plan to be prepared,” Freeman said.

Niyah Dixon, a junior facilities management major, says she hits the city once or twice every week with two to four of her close friends using either Uber or Lyft to get around.

“Using Uber or Lyft is an easier option than driving on a night out. Everyone wants to have a good time without having to worry about remembering where the car is parked and limiting themselves to how much they can turn up,” Dixon said.

Safety tips for a night out:

  1. Remember there is safety in numbers. Although you’re a woman, always go out with the group. Check-in every time and plan somewhere with your buddies, like the entrance to the restroom, at the bar, or at the rear exit, before you go all out.


  1. Never leave your drink unattended. If your drink is left at a table or a bar unattended, someone may have a chance to slip a drug into your drink. When a restroom break is needed, take your drink with you, have a friend hold your drink, or simply throw away your drink and buy a new one. Be sure to drink water too.


  1. Pack as light as possible. Leave home all unnecessary cards, money, keys and accessories. Pack your cell phone, identification card, debit card and cash, but not a lot of cash.


  1. Know how you’re getting home. Establish a plan about who will be the designated driver or if you’ll utilizing rideshares such as Lyft or Uber.


  1. Report your concerns. Even if you don’t fully remember what happened, it’s vital to inform the authorities about your concerns.