Will new Amazon site appeal to college students?

Photo courtesy: Amazon

Beginning as the mystery development “Project Mango,” Leon County leaders have finally revealed that a new Amazon fulfillment warehouse will be making its way to Tallahassee. The center is expected to offer more than 1,000 jobs, a $15 minimum wage and extended retirement and healthcare benefits, per a recent press release.

But the question is, is this enough to attract college students?

Tallahassee is home to three large colleges and universities: Florida A&M University, Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College. Adding an Amazon fulfillment center has raised questions about how appealing these jobs would be for college students.

Eva Daniels, a sophomore at FAMU, says that the job, although demanding, could be the perfect fit for her.

“While I’m away at school, I usually can’t find a job that pays enough for me to live. I have a pretty decent class schedule so I think with the pay and if they offer flexible hours, I could benefit from these jobs,” she said.

The official announcement by Amazon gave insight about what is expected to happen at the fulfillment center.

It reads, “The new 630,000 square-foot fulfillment center, which is anticipated to launch in Tallahassee, Florida in late 2022, will create more than 1,000 new, full-time jobs with benefits and opportunities to engage with advanced robotics. Employees at the fulfillment center will pick, pack and ship small items, such as books, electronics and toys, to customers.”

Students also wonder if there will be seasonal positions available outside of the mentioned full-time positions. Gilbert Fulton, a junior at FSU, is hoping that he could transfer to a location in Jacksonville during his breaks.

“I worked at the Amazon location in Jacksonville for about a year, but I had to quit because I started school at FSU and there were no jobs here that I could transfer to. If possible, I would definitely work at both locations depending on the city that I’m in and if they allow job transfers for the holidays,” he said.

“To hear that there is a location here gives me hope that I could work there again until I find a job in my field of study,” he added.

The new Amazon location is expected to impact the city’s economy in a major way. The state’s capital city is known as a college town, and the Amazon site raises questions about how students in the community will be affected by such a large change.