The music is Banks’ story

Artist TJ Banks777 in album studio session. Photo credit to Ocean Moore

As the music industry evolves, the demand for new music and a new sound is at an all-time high. TJ Banks777 plans to supply the world with just that.

“I know God gave me this talent for a reason, and I’m willing to share this gift for as long as I’m on this Earth,” he said.

Terrell Jones, who is known as TJ Banks777, was born and raised in Jacksonville. That is where his love for music originated. Growing up in church is where his love for music blossomed.

From watching the musicians playing in the pulpit to picking up his own instrument, Banks became a multitalented musician who learned how to play piano, drums, and the guitar.

It wasn’t until he was introduced to different genres of music such as R&B and hip-hop artists like Lil Boosie and Lil Wayne, that he really got the ball rolling with his love for music.

“With me always being around my sister, I couldn’t help but listen to what she played,” Banks said. “And over time that love for music grew to me wanting to make my own.”

Artist TJ Banks777 on set for upcoming music video
Photo credit to Michael Pitt

Even after finding a passion for music, Banks still didn’t want to be an artist and only cared to be a producer. He started off by making his own beats in high school, which many people weren’t using, so he took matters into his own hands. Banks started to create his own content by turning his life story into lyrics.

It was in the 11th grade when the 23-year-old received his first laptop and microphone for Christmas, and from there, Banks and his friends knew: the sky was the limit.

“I’ve known Banks since my freshman year of high school, and I feel like his music is important because every time he drops, I see the growth and the gaining of more self-confidence,” said longtime friend Merland Baker.

Banks uses music as an outlet for his emotions when he can not put them into words. With this revelation, he was able to create a personal and intimate project, one that he knew others would want to hear. The theme of his new project was being authentically himself.

“You can make good music and still be yourself,” said childhood friend Chase Killette. “And I feel like Banks does a great job of being that example.”

Banks wants to change the culture of the music industry. He wants to convey in his music that he is just more than just a “rapper.” He aspires to help create better ways for people to connect and handle their life problems.

His music is more than just feel-good bops; the music is his story.

Banks has three released projects and one unreleased project on the way.