FAMU gave Yirmyah the skills to shine

Sheniah Yirmyah in front of the CASS building. Photo courtesy Yirmyah

Sheniah Yirmyah tackled the challenges of life after college and secured her career post-graduation.

Upon graduating from Florida A&M University earlier this year, Yirmyah accepted a position at Faro Technologies in the company’s internal auditing department.

Concurrently, Yirmyah also returned to her hometown in Orlando to pursue her master’s degree at the University of Central Florida.

“Luckily, for me, there wasn’t much of an adjustment to life after graduating because I had already transitioned from an intern to an accounting specialist while I was still in school,” Yirmyah, 22, said.

She said she had the ideal college experience during her time at FAMU: in and out in four years, acquired an internship and a position as an accounting specialist all within her senior year.

But Yirmyah’s opportunities didn’t stop there.

“I received yet another opportunity shortly after that one, but I felt like I didn’t have a break. Finding the first internship was really hard, but after that, everything seemed to flow,” she said.

As Yirmyah described juggling grad school, work and social life, she mentioned, “I can only work part-time now that I’ve started grad school at UCF in Orlando. It’s only been a week and I’ve already had to quit one of my jobs and switch around my schedule. Thankfully, my current job has been flexible, but I don’t have much social life. As you can see, this is a busy time in my life,” she said via Zoom from her company work desk.

She encourages undergraduates to give themselves freedom and flexibility to explore.

“Don’t settle down at a company just because it’s the first opportunity you have, or it seems to pay well.”

This is the one piece of advice that Yirmyah wanted undergrads to keep in mind.

“But also, don’t be so eager to move on to the next opportunity that you don’t enjoy the opportunity that you have. You can always learn and take notes in the meantime,” she added.

Since starting her job at Zaro Technologies, Yirmyah has made quite an impression on her manager with her work ethic and consistency.

Evan Nolan, the manager of Zaro Technologies, joked, “Sheniah’s work ethic is pretty impressive. The products of her assignments are so great that I didn’t even notice she conducted this interview while on the clock.”

Yirmyah’s friends can vouch for her work ethic and tenacity. Imani Edwards, a senior at FAMU, describes Yirmyah’s life as “constant and disciplined.”

“Sheniah visited me this weekend for welcome week. She arrived in Tallahassee Friday night, and we partied from then to Saturday night. Sunday morning, there was a brunch at PrimeTime. I begged her to go, but she told me that she had to get back to Orlando because she had work and school Monday morning. I was sort of bummed that she couldn’t attend brunch, but I also admired her discipline, so I got over it,” Edwards said.

Yirmyah is a prime example of what it is like to enter a career immediately after graduation.