Sophomores finally get the real college experience

Miss Sophomore Attendant Kendall Johnson. Photo courtesy Kendall Johnson

Students at Florida A&M University recently returned to campus to resume face-to-face classes after more than a year of virtual learning.

As many upperclassmen were eager to get back to what they knew as the total college experience, sophomores who started their first year of college in front of a computer screen are soaking up everything the campus has to offer.

Michaela Tart, who was recently accepted into FAMU’s nursing program, is thrilled to be at last be on campus.

“I was very excited to be surrounded by young, Black people who are motivated like myself,” said Tart. “To see all of the events, organizations and to get the full HBCU experience.”

Miss Sophomore Attendant, Kendall Johnson, spoke about being able to reign on campus.

“I am glad that I get this opportunity to represent my class in person and not just virtually. So far this experience has been nothing but amazing,” Johnson said.

Although sophomores have been enjoying their first time on campus, it has been quite the adjustment from online learning.

Tart gave an example of her new schedule. “A few months ago I was rolling out of bed at 7:50 a.m,  to get to my 8 a.m. class and now I am waking up an hour in advance to make it to class,” she said.

Johnson also shared her feelings about the new change.

“We had to get out of the comfortability of being able to just [participate] in class from the comfort of your own home,” Johnson said.

Along with escaping comfort, she spoke about how she “feels behind” on the typical college experience. Her classmate, Jeremiah Dixson, had a similar feeling about their freshman year.

“We missed out on those vital events that really make your freshman year,” Dixson said. “Orientation, homecoming, and football games were the most tragic losses.”

Dixson made it a point to not dwell on what his class may have missed out on and enjoy the time they are in now.

“I feel like FAMU 24 are handling the transition really well,” Dixson said. “The adjustment to being on campus was definitely overwhelming, but of course we adapted.”

The sophomore class has finally got a taste of what it feels like to be on campus. Along with trying to adapt to face-to-face learning, they have embraced this experience they so desperately wanted.