Morrell living his dream

Cameron Morrell is also a member of the Marching 100. Photo courtesy: Lorrell

Everyone at some point in their life had dreams of what they wanted to be when they grew up. For a lot of people, those dreams end when the reality of the world sets in.

However, 22-year-old FAMU student Cameron Morrell is dead set on turning his dreams into a reality. Morrell,  or FuzeMusic as he’s known in the industry, has a career that even he had to do a double-take at. With producer credits including Bryson Tiller, Gucci Mane, Migos and other notable names; Morrell has already built an impressive catalog, and he hasn’t even graduated college yet.

As he’s grown older and sharpened his skills, which included self-teaching electric and bass guitar, Morrell began working with bigger names in the industry, including multi-platinum producer Og Parker. This led to Morrell being able to work on songs for several A-list artists, including Drake, Gucci Mane and Migos to name a few. He prides himself on musicianship and goes into the studio armed with knowledge and ready to work.

“I’ma teach myself [everything] so when I go to the [studio] session, I can go up here knowing what I’m doing. You need me to do something? I got it.”

Morrell’s love of music flows from his father and grandfather, both of whom were ardent musicophiles, and exposed him to a variety of music. Orlando born and Tallahassee raised, Morrell started learning the piano and drums in the third grade. His passion for music continued and in eighth grade Morrell was introduced by a friend to the world of producing. It was love at the first beat drop.

“Music’s just always been around me,” Morrell said. “I love it.”

His background combined with his self-described “strange” producing style gives Morrell a classic sound that transcends decades. His love of music is so tangible you can feel the work and passion that goes into each track.  Something that has only come with years of practiced effort, overcoming challenges and ignoring self-doubt.

“The real challenge is not to be your biggest critic,” said Morrell. “It’s hard not to delete something after listening to it so many times.”

However, Morrell has no shortage of supporters. Friends and fellow Marching 100 members have called the self-made producer an “inspiration.” Among his supporters is Grammy-nominated producer Kosine, who says Morrell reminds him of himself.

“This was me as hell comin’ up, ” he said in a comment on Morrell’s instagram. “Keep cooking!”

As for the future? Long term,  Morrell hopes to continue making timeless music and one day surpass anything he or anyone else could have dreamed. Short term, Morrell is focused on graduation and making his family proud.