Some students miss remote learning

Remote and online learning were the way of the world last school year. Photo courtesy:

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many students to learn remotely, with restrictions on movement preventing students from meeting with their instructors in person. Although normal studies have resumed, some students still want to attend online classes. Which leads to this question: Do students miss remote learning?

Kaylen Hayes, a junior pre-physical therapy student transferred to FAMU from TCC during the beginning of the pandemic. This is her first semester on campus and she does miss remote learning.

“Because being remote was convenient, it allowed me to get my work done efficiently alongside with embracing life more,” Hayes said.” I had the opportunity to go home for over a month to spend time with my family and not miss any class and attended online tutoring sessions, all while attending family events like my brother’s high school graduation, my cousin’s wedding, and attending my great grandmother’s funeral. I truly feel that not having remote classes at our convenience is unfortunate, because the work required for remote can be done without scheduling time off from work or being able to go to family functions if college students are eager enough to graduate.”

More students expressed concern with remaining engaged while learning remotely Some students said they want to prolong some aspects of remote learning, but want to get back to in-person learning.

Iyanna Peoples, a junior public relations student, does not miss remote.

“I learn better in-person,” Peoples said. “I’m more prone to focus, take notes and remember deadlines. Also, I enjoy connecting with other people and building relationships on campus. The only thing I do miss about being remote is being able to roll over and not put much effort into getting ready for the day,”

Not having the option to choose online classes made it difficult for some students because students were actually looking for that option but couldn’t because it wasn’t available.

Asha McKinley, a junior journalism student, says she actually misses having remote classes.

“Due to health reasons, I don’t feel comfortable being in person around so many people at the moment,” McKinley said.” I wish there was an option for those of us who don’t feel comfortable enough for in person to be online because I’m constantly paranoid of the people I’m around. Also, being remote was just easier than having in-person classes for me because you could just roll over and connect to class while still being in bed.”

It seems more students prefer going back to school rather than learning remotely. Although some could prefer integrating some aspects of remote learning to their studies, many students do not miss remote learning.