SGA: Homecoming still a go


Homecoming is a time of celebration. Photo courtesy

Set Friday may have been canceled for the rest of the semester, but Homecoming is still a go. At least for now.

Carrington Whigham, Student Government Association student body president, said SGA is still planning to have a robust Homecoming.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure this Homecoming will be the best,” Whigham said.

Homecoming, a week jam-packed with events, has not been celebrated since 2019, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

SGA has titled this year’s Homecoming as an “Epic Return” and plans for normality and tradition.

“I’m looking forward to proving people wrong, not necessarily the students, but the Florida governor. We can do this. We are using science and faith to get through this and have an outcome that is as normal as possible,” Whigham said.

In regard to protecting the FAMUly, SGA will require students to submit proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 results.

Many students are concerned that if COVID-19 numbers spike, Homecoming will be canceled.

“On the contrary, we are putting a lot of money into Homecoming. If something does happen a lot of consideration will go into the cancellation process because of how much time, effort, and money has been put into it. But it is definitely looking bright,” Whigham said. “That’s why the elimination of Set Friday will help our on-campus population.”

Justin Brown, a senior political science major, has mixed feelings about Homecoming.

“I am very excited, but nervous. I don’t think Homecoming this year is the best decision to make. However, I am excited for the football game. I am doing my part to keep everyone safe; I am fully vaccinated and I will continue to wear a mask,” Brown said. “However, if Homecoming is going to be titled the Epic Return, I have high expectations.”

Jaylin Alleyne, a sophomore graphic design major, is more than excited to attend her first Homecoming.

“I have never been to a FAMU Homecoming, so I do not know what to expect. I am biased, I do want to celebrate Homecoming, but I don’t think it’s best. During virtual learning, it showed me how disconnected to FAMU I am. It was truly not my thing. I am excited for the pep rally and concert, but most importantly, I am looking forward to conjugating during Homecoming,” Alleyne said.

Homecoming is scheduled for Oct.23-30. Whigham said SGA will keep the student body posted with Homecoming updates.