Church hosts weekly event for college students

ENC College Night Flyer from @enc_tallahssee instagram post.

Every Nation Tallahassee Church is multi-ethnic and multi-generational as well as nondenominational. The church has many different ministries including Every Nation Campus (ENC).

Every Thursday at 7, ENC hosts a college night for FAMU, FSU, and TCC students.

Abigail Dew, one of the ENC campus leaders, said the purpose of college night is to honor God and make disciples.

Every month there is a specific series that is taught to the students. College Night also features a home-cooked meal by one of the members for all the attendees, ice breaker games, fellowship with one another, and a group discussion on the series picked for that month and led by a speaker.

Krystal Williams, FSU campus intern and ENC member, gave insight on how ENC spreads awareness for college night.

“We raise awareness for college nights through social media, word of mouth and events on campus like Market Wednesdays at FSU and Set Fridays at FAMU,” Williams said.

Zoron Wade, a FAMU student, says he’s been attending college night for almost 10 months.

“College night changed my world view on a lot of things. It also brought me closer to God,” Wade said.

Williams believes college night is making an impact on peoples’ lives.

“I definitely think that a lot of our members are growing in faith as well as in the other aspects of life. Even just seeing the amount of students getting baptized and deciding to have a real relationship with Jesus for themselves is amazing. We are physically seeing God working on these campuses and I love it,” Williams said.

Dew said that she has seen the campus ministry grow.

“The beauty of discipleship is that it works,” Dew said. “We have seen our ministry grow from 17 to over 50 people in one year.”

ENC plans on keeping college night going every Thursday throughout the semester.

“We have several fun series planned, $300 worth of giveaways on Amazon gift cards, a taco food truck, guest speakers, fall retreats, color wars, and guys’ and girls’ events,” Dew said.

Williams shared her future hopes for college night attendees in the near future.

“I hope everyone comes to college night and gets connected to a small group and community that they can grow and open up with while growing a personal relationship with God,” Williams said.

Info Box: College night takes place at 2555 N. Monroe St. at 7 p.m. every Thursday. For more info visit the church’s website or @enc_tallahassee on Instagram.