Jackson to make sure SGA elections run smoothly

John Jackson has a busy first three years on the “Hill.” Photo courtesy Jackson

On the first day of each year millions of people set both short- and long-term goals worth accomplishing. After a week, most forget they ever existed.

There are few able to summon enough self-discipline and courage to seize the opportunity to make these goals a reality.

John Jackson III, a third year health science major from Atlanta, is headed toward big goals as he continues down his path of success serving as both a resident assistant and the current electoral commissioner at Florida A&M University.

During his years at FAMU, Jackson gained the knowledge and confidence needed to aim for the goals he has set in place for himself.

Prior to being appointed as the electoral commissioner, Jackson was appointed and served as the precinct supervisor of the fall 2020 and spring 2021 election season.

Under the careful watch of the previous electoral commissioner, Jackson was able to learn how to effectively run elections on campus. Through vivid observations of the success and failures from past election seasons, Jackson felt well prepared to take on the challenge of electoral commissioner himself.

“I feel as if I was chosen to be in this position not only to highlight and demonstrate the creativity of the student body as a whole, but the true joy and the special effect you get from FAMU elections,” Jackson said. “I do believe within this position I will be able to build my leadership skills, build my communication skills as I would have to intertwine with both student body and with the legislation of SGA.”

Xarria Taylor, the senior resident assistant, has been able to observe Jackson’s beginnings as the electoral commissioner and sees nothing but progress in his future.

John’s been doing a really good job with helping everyone and keeping people informed,” Xarria said. “I feel like he’s going to be successful with next year’s elections.

Not only has his time as electoral commissioner been a success so far, his time as a resident assistant has also greatly severed as a stimulator for his leadership skills.

Malik Cummings, a fourth year accounting student and fellow resident director, had this to say about Jackson’s work ethic regarding his time during the semester.

“John is one of the best RA’s to have,” Cummings said. “He’s always helpful, very flexible when it comes to specifically timed activities and is in general a down-to-earth guy.”

Jackson plans to finish his service as a resident assistant this semester and will continue preparing for the upcoming election season.