Footman brings skincare awareness to FAMU

Destinee Footman is a First year doctor of pharmacy candidate from Stockbridge, GA and is the owner of Feeling Lovely Co. Photo Courtesy: Footman

Destinee Footman is the true definition of a boss.

Footman is not only a first year doctor of pharmacy candidate, but she also owns a few small businesses. Each of the businesses focus on her creativity and artistic skills stemming from painting and also being a part-time nail tech.

However, there is one business that she owns that has grown into a project with the advancement of others in mind: Feeling Lovely Co., her skincare brand.

Being an entrepreneur has allowed Footman to realize one of the true meanings of being a CEO, which in her words is “to do for others what you’re inspired to do.”

“Crazy thing is I’ve never thought of being an entrepreneur,” Footman said. “I always thought of ways to help people and I’ve always been a harder worker. It was those two driving forces that led me to this point and to a great product that I was just making it for my friends and family and then I realized I’m not the only one with skin care issues.”

Andrew Lewis IV is a friend and patron of Feeling Lovely Co. and also owns his own brand called Sneaker Renegade. He explained his excitement for how Footman’s brand is starting to expand.

“As an entrepreneur the amount of drive and pure heart Destinee has put into her brand is inspiring,” Lewis said. “I can imagine Destinee’s brand growing internationally and impacting more college students all over the country.”

Skincare is a common issue faced by college students due to hormones as well as genetics. The solution that Footman found was to bring awareness to what practices and ingredients that you should use on your skin.

Her target audience isstudents who attend FAMU as well as others in the Tallahassee area. Every product that is part of Feeling Lovely Co. is natural and organic, which is part of helping those with problematic skin issues such as eczema and dry skin.

Another patron, Janay Shuler, has problematic skin and constantly uses Feeling LovelyCo She said she’s been mesmerized by the what it has done for her skin.

“It has been a struggle to find something that works well with my skin and I thought I would have to search my whole life,” Shuler said. “After discovering Feeling lovely Co. I have had such a boost of glow in my skin and confidence.”

Footman has journeyed through building her skin care brand and is not sure what is in the future for Feeling Lovely Co.

“I’m working on better marketing and getting my overall business out there to be seen,” Footman said. “There is a future for this brand, and I already have seen myself grow within the past year. It is only going to elevate from here and I am excited to see where it will be in the next year.”


If you’re interested in purchasing, Feeling Lovely Co is restocking April 26 at noon.